How Would You Describe The Holy Spirit?

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Glenn, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. It seems that some don't even believe in the Holy Spirit. What are you thoughts?
  2. I believe in Him; I just don't know enough about Him to describe Him other than the pat answers....
  3. He's a friend and our comforter. He teaches us in all truth if we listen. He’s the power by which we do anything and the same Spirit that guided Jesus in His life while man. He lives within our hearts. He is a Gentleman.
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  4. He is God fulfilling the promise I will be with you alway.
    He is the one that places the Commands in our heart.
    He is the one that challenges us to be teleios.
    He is the voice of The King.
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  5. To not believe in the Holy Spirit is to not believe in God.
    The Holy Spirit gives life, he is the thoughts of God. He anoints, and shows us all things to come. He gives us vision and strengthens us when we are weak. He leads and guides us into all the truth. We are His Temple. He is God.
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  6. He is my comforter, teacher, and friend. He has a will of his own, emotions, and a personality.
    Ruach HaKodesh, breath, wind, spirit, I've experienced all these in my walk with Christ. Everything He does leads to Christ.
    He's like warm oil in my lungs when I sing or speak about Him.
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  7. He is known all throughout the NT as the Spirit of Truth. He convicts of sin, he shows people the Truth, and he gives us strength.
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  8. I love this website.. Gives verses related to a topic in a nice and easy way.. I think what I think really does not matter.. May be a better question is what does Bible say about the person of Holy Spirit?

    It is very hard to believe that someone would claim to be a Christian denying Holy Spirit. But to add to that, there is a misconception on many denominations.. Such as reformed, baptists, etc.. Many think they don't believe in Holy Spirit. But the difference is on the operations of Holy Spirit and not the capability, ability and identify of Holy Spirit..
  9. For some, the H Spirit is an "experience." They don't see Him as a person.

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