How was church today?

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  1. How was church today?

    Hi guys! How was church today? What did you learn?

    I learned that as a part of the body of Christ "the church" for example........
    If you smack you finger with a hammer....and trust me on this I been there dun that. The pain and the anger are at it's peak. Many times I wanted to throw that hammer into the woods. And you look at that hurt thumb and it is swollen and bruised. Then you look at the hand that was doing the hammering. What are you going to do? Because that hand hurt the other hand are you going to cut off? No. It is a part of the body that needs to be there to function properly. So we baby the hurt hand and nurse it back to health with love and tenderness. Same thing as people in the church. We get hurt. Do we throw out that person? No. If we did that we would not have a church left. So we forgive that person if we have been hurt. And by forgiving that person or persons we are letting go of anger, revenge, and gaining back peace and love with in the body of Christ. By doing that the body is once again functioning properly. When the body "church" functions properly the the Holy spirit flows through us, blessing us, loving us and healing us making us whole once again. That is what I learned today:smiley20::smiley10:

    Chili out
  2. Unfortunately I have been a little sick and didn't make it to church today. :smiley110:.
  3. Church was awesome. I went to a different church because I was doing fundraising for Joshua Revolution. And the guy preached about kindness. What I really liked was what he said. "When you hear that little voice to tell you to do something, do it. Don't hesitate. Because what may seem small to you, may be big for someone else." Because I do hesitate and I sometimes don't do things. It's bad, but we all struggle with something...
  4. Church today was good...... it was about not worrying.
  5. Church was great today. We learned from Mark 2. We learned that just as the 4 friends of the paralyzed man had great faith, and dug through the roof to bring him to Jesus, that we should have faith and bring others to Jesus. Then two young girls were baptized. It was a wonderful service.
  6. Had a lovely meaningful service yesterday at church. Ill give u a brief statement or two on the topic. It was all about how we are only able to get to a certain level or extent in our lives where we are able to do things on our own strength. And just when we are about to give up that is actually the STRONGEST point in our lives.


    That's when Jesus says c'mon and let me take over from this level onwards. Rest in my strength. This brings us to a scripture in the bible which says, when im weak you are strong.

    God Bless
  7. Yes good teachings for everybody today!! God is good aint HE.
    Xcortman..yes we can only go so far then we reach our peak and start to go down. At our peak is when God takes over and sends us to the top! Yup yup yup:smiley20:Our weakness makes Gods' strength perfect. We all learned a good lesson today. Very good input guys. The lesson is very similar to each of us. God Bless all of you

    The Great Chili has spoken. But GOD said it first!!:smiley10:
  8. Church was AWESOME

    Oh church was awesome .. I think I have finally found my church home!!
    I am unable to go to services on Sunday mornings because I have to work Sundays 6 a.m. to noon and everyone's done by the time I get out. A lot of church round here either don't have Sunday (or any other) night services or they no longer do. I've been visiting the ones I could find with something on Sunday nights and I wasn't happy until last night. Not only do they ALWAYS have Sunday evening worship service, they also:
    -have Wednesday night Wellness, then a Wednesday night bible study.
    -have an awesome, get-you-praising praise band:dance:
    -are friendly and helpful no matter what you wear or what accent you have (I think you know what I mean here)
    -were truly and honestly glad we showed up
    -have a pastor who has a sense of humor and was the first to admit he's just a sinner (saved by grace) like the rest of us
    -had a great message, 100% backed up with scripture:read-bible:(which was from Romans 12:1-2)
    -allows us to ask questions!
    -and is less than 10 minutes from my apartment!!

    Thank GOD for His leading me there last night. (I am sure He did but that's a whole lot more typing..)
  9. It certainly sounds like you found the church the Lord wants you to attend. It's very hard to find a church home when you have to work Sunday mornings. We're in the same situation. Once we retire (hopefully next year) we hope to find such a church once we get moved. Thank you so much for sharing this.
  10. Church was great. It was about growing in the Lord

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