How to start a Christian online discussion community

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Do you own a Christian community

  1. Yes.

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  2. Yes, but it hasn't taken off well.

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  3. No, but I plan to open one.

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  4. No, but I would have if I had some help.

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  5. No.

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  1. I can't load the page to your forum on my tablet for some reason.
  2. I have a Wordpress blog as well. I understand one can turn those into forums too, though I haven't tried it yet. I sort of debate with myself between the advantages of owning and running a forum myself and contributing content and fellowship with other sites, even as part of an admin team.
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    Thank you first for this thread, and for this post. I just became a member of TAZ (Admin Zone Forums), as I was searchin for a Christian Webmaster Forum.

    I am also a member of a number of Christian Forums, and a forum for campers which I forgot to visit in a very long time now. Like someone said in a post higher up this thread, I too visit some of them more frequently than others, based on many factors, most of which have to do with being busy living outside of the internet too.

    Still, I was intrigued at finding the Lampstand Christian Forum, which existence I did not know yet. If I subscribe, I'll be easy to identify, since I always use the same user name on every forum I belong to.

    My contribution to the present thread is a link to the Developping and Publishing a Web Site page of my site, (Knowing and Believing). The third paragraph (of five, as I write the present post) lists the only Christian Webmaster forums I have been able to identify so far on the Web.

    Anyone of you know of Christian Webmaster Sites other than the ones listed there?
  4. This post aims at providing additional input to step 6 in the above quote : «You and the team of moderators should agree on some basic rules of conduct (such as "no personal attacks"), and enforce them».

    My reasearch for Christian Webmaster Forums led me to a Bizantine Orthodox Church Web Site which I found examplary in its statement of purpose, focus, rules, and rule implementation principles. Here is a link to the home page of that Web Site: The entire article is worth reading in its entirety: Some Reflections on Managing an Orthodox Cristian Discussion Forum, by Anastasios Hudson, Oct 2, 2014. I provide the title in case it ever gets moved from the front page of their site. I found it interesting to read also because it encourages good practices as a simple forum participant.
  5. Just yesterday I was scanning through some WordPress plugins that promise to extend the interactive functionalities of WordPress blogs, either by improving the Comment feature, or by providing Forum capabilities in various ways. The reviews however make me cautious, as some of these plugins are said to break your site.

    I decided I would not make any such change until I have succeeded in setting up my web site locally, where I can experiment with new features, before implementing them live.
  6. visited your site. I like the faith approach in the complex way it presented it with the chart. A geeks understanding of faith came to mind. I set up a forum but am not promoting it yet. I have chat, shout box and even a music station. currently helping wife setting up her Word press forum and testing plugins on a sub domain (My blog) Not concerned about plugins breaking things as it's easy to just redo and set up again.

    One guy was able to hack my wife's site and embed a ad for selling Viagra into her header. I hunted for that thing for hours, even deleted the plugin folder. I then figured He put it into the Word press instalation itself so I saved all the files with blog part on them and people sign up and replaced all the files and themes. Fixed it. Not sure how he got in there, but I changed the passwords.
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  7. Thank you for what you say about my site

    There are some unbelivers who are not aware that their presuppositions are what blocks them from accepting God's truth. So the diagram you are referring to may help getting this point across.

    Likewise, we Christians are not aware of some of what influences us in thinking the way we do about some issues. The diagram may also help getting that a little clearer.

    For readers of this post who would like to view the diagram for themselves, you will find it with textual explanation amongst the English pages of --> Believing --> Knowing and Believing.
  8. My son is a programmer. He carries pens, flashlight, tablet, smart phone, knife, screwdrivers on him at all times.

    He writes complex equations on his tub in the shower with those kids tub markers.

    He spends hours combing programing books.

    Most of what He explains needs to be graphed and the numbers behind it. Even his bible studies tend to get into code form.

    To him, without the numbers and graphs, it could not possibly make sense to anyone. I have to remind him to speak English when he comes and visits. I just learned about interperters the other day. Not sure what I'll do with that. I hope it cleans dishes better.

    Great site though, I read through several things. A bit technical for me, but very well laid out.

  9. One factor to key-in to this type of decisison is one's ability to ensure the security of other people's posts. The very first forum I joined crashed a few months later, and that's how I learned from experience what I read reported by forum members in posts elsewhere: it's no fun at all to no longer have access to posts we wrote in any given forum.

    So as much as I would like to add some form of interactivity to my own Web site, there are a number of things I need to make sure I understand first.
  10. I have run several Christian groups in the past and I enjoyed it so very much. I am truly enjoying how a forum is set up and operates. I have been searching for a good forum host and have found some that sound kind of good but still have too many questions.

    I know there are some really good free ones and tend to come with adds and some offer a premium package with no adds or 50,000 add free page visits etc.

    Some require software to be loaded onto your computer and some do not and handle it all on their end. So this leaves me with some questions that I am not satisfied with the answers I find in the support forums of the possible host.

    So here is where I am at.
    For a while longer I will be using an android tablet.
    For a while longert I will be with the limited data that I have now. We split 100 mb a night between two people.

    This is why I am concerned with adds and the constant changing and loading of them. Data chewing up. I would have to go some place and borrow some wi fi if I have to load software on here.....

    So I am looking for some tips and advice on picking a good host and less data usage.
    I have seen some from 5 dollars to 10 dollars for add free and unlimited bandwidth.
    OLI and ProphpBB: and proboard there was one cow something that has gone green but I lost the email.

    I really want to do this so any help would be so thankful
  11. Hello Jim, Being from Canada, a friend of mine advised me to go with HostPapa. Another friend was with I began with the free package offered by HostPapa. Here is a link to their product page including prices. I only had to pay the dues for my domain name I have been with them since May 2013, and so far upgraded my package twice. I came to realize that this gave me the most freedom to add what I want when I want in terms of disk space.
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    INSTEAD OF : «I began with the free package offered by HostPapa»
    I MEANT TO WRITE : «I began with the free package offered by
    SO: The link to Register4Less product page was the right link since I want to promote R4L.

    With by I do not have to justify how much space I use for what purpose. If I want to keep large audio files on my site instead of using a free service such as utube or godtube, I just have to pay for whatever space I use and that's it. I'm not exactly sure of what goes on with other host providers, I just know I like the way is organized.

    That being said, my friend using HostPapa tells me he is very satisfied. The site he works on is a fairly large one too. So you just have to shop around, read what the host providers conditions of service and what they say about themselves.

    In the long run, I'm not sure that «free» solutions are all that interesting. If you don't buy your own domain name, then you'll have to manage this when you change host and buy your own.

    Hope these bits of my own thought on the subject can be useful to someone else.
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  13. Thank You Daniel,
    I will check into these and keep you posted in any way I go.
    Thank You Again and have a wonderful blessed week

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