How to make an apple pie under 10 minutes

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  1. How to make an apple pie under 10 minutes

    If you have limited time on your hands this trick is the best one for you!

    Read below:

    1. Get an already made pie crust, put on a microwavable plate.

    2. Get some apples in a can (with their natural juice!) and put into the pie.

    3. Add some brown sugar, cinnamon, and powder sugar onto the apples.

    4. Put the apple pie in the microwave for 5 minutes or less, depending on the voltage of your microwave.

    5. Once done, get some Reddi-Whip and put on top.

    6. Set the table...and DONE.

    That's how you make a pie in under 10 minutes.

    Results not typical. If you don't have half of the ingredients you might as well buy one at the store. For more information go to IMicrowavedIt!.Com for more information. To get a free cookbook by I Microwaved It! please call 1 - 800 - 111 - 1111.

  2. Why is this here?

    It was supposed to be in the humor section...but I guess it could work too for cooking.

    I don't know if this actually works. :p

    Let's see and try it.

    P.S. - Don't go to the website. I don't think it exists. If it does, I'd be very surprised. :D
  3. Another way- go to Winn Dixie, buy one, take it out of the box and eat it!:)
  4. LOL Near, that was cuuuuute! LOL:D

    One time I made apple cobbler because I was just dying for some!:(

    It was so good! Problem was...I don't remember how I made it. I was just wishing for it and threw it together at the island in my kitchen. Everybody loved it! I told them dig in...because I'm never making it again.:eek:
  5. LOL!

    Funny how we do things without thinking.

    I think I'll try my recipe. ^^

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