How to let go and let God?

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  1. How to let go and let God?

    What does it mean to 'let go and let God'? I have asked people to explain this to me before as they would understand it to be but they seemed to be annoyed by me asking or something. I dont seem to have the same understanding of it. How do you do it when its not a case of being able to physically pick it up and hand it to him in person?:confused: I have prayed but I dont think its as simple as 'just stop worrying about it'. To what extent is it still ok to pray about things if im supposed to have 'let go' of them? Should I not even be thinking about it?
  2. First of all, praying about things is a big part of “letting go”
    For me personally, the biggest things I’ve had a hard time “letting go” of were my character defects.
    I would beat myself up in my mind over them. Thinking I should be able to change those things about me.
    The fact is, I can’t change them, but if I “let go and let God” and allow him to work in my life, he can change me from the inside out.

    Another example would be a lady friend of mine. Years ago, her son was out drinking, using drugs and doing many things that he just shouldn’t be doing. She was having a very hard time with it. She wanted so much to do something to help him, but she couldn’t. she finally wrote his name on a piece of paper, set it on her nightstand right next to her bed and gave him to God, (so to speak). She would pray for him when she went to bed and when she woke up, giving him to God everyday, asking God to protect him and help him. So… she “let go and let God” by praying for him everyday.

    Praying is a big part of letting go.
    “God, I can’t do this, but I know you can. Please help me.”

    P.S. If you ask someone to explain something to you and they get annoyed, maybe… just maybe, they don’t quite understand it themselves.
    And one other thing.
    We are not physical beings living in a spiritual realm.
    We are spiritual beings living in a physical realm.
    So you can “spiritually” pick something up and give it to God.
    But of course, sometimes God doesn’t want us to just give it to him. He want’s us to deal with it so that we learn something by it.

    There is so much to learn while we are here on this little round ball called earth.
    As soon as I learn it all, I’ll let you know.
    (don’t hold your breath for that to happen though) :D
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  3. Over many years I have hard people saying this phrase "Let go and Let God". I'm afraid it often comes over as the kind of idea that we as Christians sit back and let God get on with making us what he wants us to be. This does not fit in with what Paul says in Philippians 3, especially vs. 12 on.. There is no lethargy here. We are to press on to take hold to be straining towards what is ahead. We long to be more like our Blessed Lord and to win the prize, but this requires effort on our part.

    I think people often interpret what the Lord said about not taking thought for tomorrow what we shall eat and drink, etc. (Lukie 12) as "letting go and letting God". I believe here he is teaching us that we should be actively seeking the spiritual benefits of our Salvation, rather than worrying about the material possessions we may amass.

    So let us continue to struggle. 1. Against the rulers, powers and authorities of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Eph. 6:10) Thankfully with God's armour to protect us. 2. Against sin (Heb. 12:4) 1. To proclaim, admonish and teach everyone with all wisdom..... struggling with all our energy. (Col. 1:29) 3. Let us struggle as the Apostle did to ENCOURAGE one another. (Col. 2:1-3).

    May the Lord bless you as we learn together.
  4. Amen Jeanann...:goodpost::goodpost::goodpost:

    Faith with out works are dead . Rise take up your bed and walk .

    We should not be couch potatoe Christians but we need to be doers of the Word. How can we be an example to the world otherwise?
  5. Total surrender is probably the most difficult thing anybody will ever have to do. It takes effort to surrender your will to somebody else. It involves total trust, and obedience. It means saying no to what your head and heart say, and yes to the one you surrender to. In this case, God.
    I personally find it amazing how difficult it is, considering how completely trustworthy our Father is. One has to decide from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day to lay down his/her will and follow Father's will. The deciding to lay it down becomes a life style but I seriously doubt it becomes a habit.
  6. Well.

    Let go and let God can get you killed. It is a passive stance. We are never told to be passive when it come to the Word of God.

    Eph 6:13
    Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
    Eph 6:14 STAND!!!!! With full armor on!!! ..............................................

    1Pe 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

    But be watching that devil, resist him by faith or that armor in the verse above... (fiery darts)

    Psa 46:10
    Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

    Heb 3:18 And to whom swore he that they should not enter into his rest, but to them that believed not?

    Being at rest does not mean wait around a worry about something, Some think that let go and let God means to worry and not do anything.

    Having done all to stand, then Stand!!! Some things are out of our control or we should not get involved letting God fix it. However, we do need to take action and pray. We also need to believe something.
    We also need to be ready when God tells us it's time to act or stay our peace. IN all cases, we need to actively be doing something that the Word tells us to do.

    Jesus Is Lord.
  7. correct all the worries of this life are pointless.there is nothing we can do bodily.just trust and faith in God.
  8. It doesn't mean we sit back and never do anything.

    It simply means we don't try to micromanage every situation.

    In churches, sometimes people pray but then they go to extremes to keep what is important to them. Without discerning what God wants.

    It happened in my former church. They tried to protect their projects to the point of making excuses for not doing what they knew they should do. All the things they tried so hard to hang on to were lost. Now they are trying to rebuild ministries that fell apart. They are still struggling....

    ...because they didn't let go and let God. They thought they had to take control of something they had no control over.
  9. Blessed,
    If you are having trouble giving your worries to God, you may also be witholding other things from God as well.

    It might be helpful to evaluate how much of yourself you are giving back in addition to your worries and concerns.

    For example, are you giving some of your time to God each day? In prayer, study of His Word?
    Before you eat a meal you worked hard for and prepared, are you giving that thanks and Praise to God for his Grace?
    When something works out just the best way you could have ever imagined, does God get the thanks?

    As we learn to give God the pleasantries in our lives, it becomes easier to give Him our hardships as well.
    I don't know if this was helpful to you at all, but if it was, may all thanks and praise be to God for it being so. :)
  10. That's good advice.

    The more time we spend with God, the easier it becomes to hear Him speak to us and understand His will in our lives.

    We should also "Remember the wife of Lot.

    Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses it will save it."
    (Luke 17:32-33)

    God asked Lot's family to "let go"
    Lot's wife looked back because she was longing to keep her old life. Her house - her physical possessions - her friends, maybe.

    But, God also asked them to "let God"
    God asked them to go somewhere without any pre-promises of food and shelter. They didn't know what struggles they would face in the future. When they fled sodom, they became totally dependent on God.
    LUKE 18:18-24An official asked him this question, "Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?"Jesus answered him, "...You know the commandments, 'You shall not commit adultery; you shall not kill; you shall not steal; you shall not bear false witness; honor your father and your mother.'" And he replied, "All of these I have observed from my youth." When Jesus heard this he said to him, "There is still one thing left for you: sell all that you have and distribute it to the poor, and you will have a treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me. But when he heard this he became quite sad, for he was very rich. Jesus looked at him and said, "How hard it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God!I think this story in LUKE sums up what it means "to let go, and let God".

    We need to be willing to give up what we have and accept what God wants for us. Many times, we can't receive what God wants to give us until we let go of something we are clinging to.

    It is not always an easy thing - especially when we can't see the outcome. God often asks us to let go of things we have worked hard to achieve; things we cherish, like friendships and family heirlooms. When all we see is the giving up and not the reward to follow, it is very difficult to let go.

  11. Don't you think that yielding our will to Him and obeying Him is letting go and letting God?
    In order to yield our wills to Him we need to know His will. And thats between the covers of our bibles. His perfect will is there.
  12. Is this question directed at me?

    I agree with you. Yielding to God sometimes means we have to "let go" of something we don't really want to give up. It means we may have to go somewhere or do something we may not really like. But we go and do anyway, because we yield to God's will.

    The Bible has endless advice for us, and insights that God continues to reveal to us through His written word....

    but it doesn't have a play by play game plan spelled out as such.

    We see someone along the road with a sign "will work for food". We don't have a job for that person, but out of compassion we roll down our window and give him ten bucks.

    Did we do God's will? Not necessarily. In order to do God's will, we must do what God wants us to do, when He wants us to do it, AND also not do what He doesn't want us to do or what He wants someone else to do.

    The end result of your $10 good deed may be the man buying a bottle of booze and getting drunk. If you had not given him the $10, maybe the next person would have done what God wanted for that man, but instead the man wasn't there because you gave him the $10!

    We know God doesn't want us to let people suffer and go hungry. But we must discern the spirit of God from our own, often misplaced, compassion.

    Many "good" people do many "good deeds" that end up causing much pain and suffering. Only when we are working within God's will can we be sure our deeds are truly good.

    We know that for those who love God, that is, for those who are called according to his purpose, all things are working together for good. (Romans 8:28)
  13. That's a great point.
    Wouldn't you agree that this is why we ask God to forgive both the sins of which we are aware of AND the sins of which we are unaware?

  14. My question was thrown into the pot here. grin I was just wondering if anybody thought of it.
  15. So then brother...Are you saying you sinned by giving the panhandler ten bucks, only to wind up with him going to buy a jug?
  16. I believe that I may have. Yes.

    The road to hell, is paved with the best of intentions.

    What of the pregnant mother who has an abortion because he honestly believes with all her heart that her child is not human? That her life would be destroyed if she were to have that baby?

    In her heart, she is doing nothing wrong. But sin is still sin.

    Or the young man who grows up in poverty and is taught that he has every right to take food from in front of a store if he needs it. In his heart, he is doing what he believes is right. But it is still a sin.

    I may believe that I am helping this poor fellow out, when in fact, I am providing him with the ten dollar overdose that will kill him. I am sure that I commit many sins of which I am unaware. Shoot, it's hard enough just keeping track of the ones I know!

    (I still struggle with that second glance at a pretty lady.) :(
  17. Sometimes I’m like a monkey with his hand inside a jar grabbing ahold of a banana.
    I really want that banana, but I can’t get my hand out unless I let go.
    I don’t want to let go because I really want what’s in my hand.

    What I can see, touch, smell and taste is what my flesh wants.
    It’s a daily battle sometimes to let go and let God.
    I need to constantly remind myself that what God has for me is far greater than what I have in my hand right now.
  18. Yes, the old Adam is drowned daily.....

    But he is a good swimmer. :)
  19. Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;


  20. Wow .... That's a very good description .:goodpost::goodpost::goodpost:Good thoughts there brother , Dean.:D

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