How to go about the Old Testament?

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  1. How to go about the Old Testament?

    I know there is a lot for me to learn from the old testament... But where do I start? I know many of the stories from it, but when I sit down and try to read it, it makes no sense to me. Like it will talk about slaves, forbidding women from pants, and men from long hair. It's got all these rules, customs, and traditions which I've been told no longer apply. How do I learn from the old testament? I know it's important because of all the references the new testament makes to it. The apostles were all OT scholars, so I feel I'd be wise to be familiar with it also. Where should I start? And please don't say Genesis 1:1...
  2. first of all put yourself in the time zone,and not from todays time.thats a good start.
  3. A book on Manners and Customs of the Old testament may help a bit...but I highly recommend the Frank E. Gaebelein Expositors Bible Commentaries. They contain comentaries written by numerous scholars and attempt to give a wide exposure to the many varying views on each section.
    Unfortunately they are rather expensive...especially if you want the entire set...but many libraries, Pastors and Church libraries have the set so perhaps you can borrow them on an as-needed basis?

    Also keep in mind that the Old Testament is consistent in its use of metaphor...if leaven is a typological reference to sin the first time it is mentioned, it will mean the same thing from then on. The law of first mention applys in most cases, if you want to know what something means try to find the first place the concept appears.

    For this I recommend the e-sword electronic Bible, it is a free download and imho the best one around. It will make word searches and look-ups a breeze once you get comfortable with it.
  4. Try "Let Us Draw Near" by Judson Corwall- it is one of those books that will change your life and after reading it you will see Jesus on every page of the Old Testament- truly phenominal- in His Name Larry
  5. Cool, thanks! I'll try those out.
  6. I in the OT get this gist of the story and skip to the good parts....:D not good advice but hey I mean once you read about the first couple of people dying it gets kinda boring and scarry... haha pray for me...
  7. ot is a battle of copying ,read it.genesis 2 versions of the beginning ,Gods and the lord who shows you gold ,(temptation)springs to mind.later jesus tells us i am the LORD OF LORDS,KING OF KINGS.but never God.and jesus tells us of the father lots of times and prays to him.scripture tells truth humans dont read good.

  8. Well Jesus isnt revealed until the New Testament...God cant tempt anyone...God can test you but never tempt you.... yea i agree with you on the part that humans dont read well... because the scriptures are quite clear...but everyone makes it out to what they want it to be. I try my best to read the scripture and understand it for what it is not what I want it to be to me. I stil dont agree with you though
  9. I really, REALLY want to see you speak about something in a video. Speak about anything at all. You put up anything on youtube? A voice recording even...
  10. I had the same problem, but I just started somewhere. And I came in Chronicles, well it was very though to read it, and I really thought that I didn't learn a thing, but now I read sometimes Ezekiel, Psalms, Proverbs, or Revelation, so I am not forced to read just one thing, that gives me lots of freedom in reading the bible. And it gives me the chance to read a lot in a little time.

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