How Should Christians Respond?

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  1. I really like a song by Sam Smith called, "Stay With Me." I just watched the music video and was shocked. It shows him leaving a house where, apparently, he had just had a one night stand... with a man? He then is shown singing the rest of the song walking down the street and also as part of a church choir. He is wearing cross earrings. Is this becoming the norm? Should I not listen to this song again? I just am not okay with the music video, and I feel the song is ruined since it seems to be about a homosexual relationship. What should the Christian response be?
  2. I think your initial response was right on!
  3. Yea, be sure this is part of the gay agenda...and I say "ask the Lord" does He want you to listen to these secular and ungodly people promote these things?
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  4. I think this is why we need to be careful to what we listen to. Before I listen to a non Christian song I check out the artist and make sure the lyrics isn't against anything I believe.
  5. I'm so disappointed.
  6. Greetings:

    Go on two nighter retreat house to purify:ears,eyes,memory banks.

  7. I really need to. :p

    I wish I never saw that video.
  8. I see music as poetry. Songs mean different things to different people. If a guy writes a song about how much he is loved by his partner(male also) but the lyrics are vague enough that they can be taken to be about Christ than I don't see an issue with listening to it.

    I really enjoy some songs by Avenged Sevenfold despite the not being a Christian because you can take their lyrics in a Christian way.
  9. My response would be 'whoa, God gave you some crazy talent, but what you are doing is not for God. I don't know if you are saved or not, but I will pray for you!'
  10. You know how many folks I know who have fallen away from a productive faith, with this attitude? My friend I hope you can understand that friendship with the world is enmity against God...what to you think that means?
  11. Do you only watch G rated movies? (no defending the artist)

    p.s. all the new avatars are making me smile.
  12. If G means I never watch anything I don't believe GOD would have me watch? Then yes...:D Look life is much better and our minds are much better when we don't fill it with trash and nonsense...If a believer is already struggling to maintain a faith that empowers them to live godly and peaceful in the Spirit, the last thing they need is to fall into these sort of things...Im speaking from experience of working with folks who have come out of stuff and they think they can hold onto "just" a little of their old life and then that old life has control of them before they know what happened.
  13. I feel like I should not be supporting this guy in any way. Now if he had gone into the church in the video to repent, then that would have been a different story, but that's not why he was there. I honestly can't believe the Christian symbols that were in this video. He was wearing cross earrings and going to church after a one night stand with a man, and there was no repentance.
  14. This is one reason I do not put Christian stickers on my car, or wear things that tell people I am a Christian. If they can not tell you are a Christian without these we are in deep trouble.
  15. Great point!

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