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  1. I looking around the site and saw a place for testimonies. I know this isn't exactly what this thead is supposed to be used for... but eh whatever I like telling people how God saved me. So sit down and read this even if you don't want to.... or else :mad:, I'll tell my father and you'll get in trouble, because He's your father too.

    Well it all started when I was about 12 years old I found out the Santa wasn't real, and contracted a very bad case of "Santa syndrome". I became an "agnostic atheist" for a while and then finally a full blown atheist shortly after. Also when I was 12 I also started drinking, at 13 started doing drugs, soon after that I started breaking into homes, and by the time I was 16 I was heavily addicted to all of these things.

    I was so angry at everything and everyone at that time, I use to hate when people would talk to me about God. I would basically tell them that science proved there was no need for a god, and the only reason "stupid" people would ever believe such a thing is because they were fools and needed a crutch. My atheist friends and I use to talk about the hundreds of contradictions in the Bible (though we knew were none of them were). And how smart we were for not believing in such a "myth".

    So when I was about 18 I walked out of my bedroom one morning and saw my old Bible sitting on my dresser. I remember being filled with such rage after seeing the book, and so I decided to finally prove that this book was riddled with contradictions. Using the same study that I had applied to school I started to read the Bible, and it didn't take me long to realize that there really were no contradictions.

    I told my friends what I was doing, and what I was discovering, but they just ignored me and told me to forget about the whole thing. I decided I wasn't going to do that, I was going to approach this with an open mind and try to go to church. So one Wednesday I was invited to come early to watch a video on something called "creationism", which I had never heard of.

    While I did believe in evolution I didn't except the Darwinian means, I instead took the punctuated equilibrium stance which basically states evolution happens, but really quickly. I also took the stance that the Earth was probably a couple of hundred thousand years old and not billions. So when I heard a video that stated the Earth was 6,000 years old I was instantly interested.

    So after doing research on this subject my heart was convicted and I knew that I needed to be saved. I made a commitment to the Lord April 8, 2008 and since then my life has changed. I haven't drink, done drugs, or broken into homes since I asked the Lord to be my savior, He has completely changed my life. All of my atheist "friends" rejected me and my new found faith in Christ, and told me I could come back when my "religious thing" was over. It's been three years now, and my "religious thing" isn't over yet, nor do I expect it to be anytime soon.
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  2. YOU keep goin! Don't you stop now. You got a new life now and it is WAYYYYYY better than the other 1. I know me. Hallelujah!!

    Chili out.

    p.s ya know how the ladies say " you go girl"? WELL this is how I say it " git to werk n giter dun"
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  3. Outstanding! We are happy for you!
  4. Y AY!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the most AWESOME testimony I ever read an athiest coming to christ ^^ that just shows NO ONE is too lost or too far gone for christ to reach I'm so happy for you, I really am. I'm glad your recovering. Welcome to the fam. Wooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    Did you know that ever time a soul returns to christ all the angels in heaven take a stand :D how awesome!
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  5. Your testimony has taught me a valuable lesson. Thank you, I won't give up on my friends or family. [​IMG]
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  6. Same here, no one is too "far gone" God can reach em :)
  7. just about 3 years ago i was converted

    welcome back brother! hehe me too whohooooo! lol

    yeps my friends are angry at me but its gonna stop me to be a fisherman of men (im trying to tell them the good news too LOL)

    its not about being religious, it about what your relationship to God.
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  8. Yes, both of my parents have a head knowledge of God, but neither of them are saved. I'll pray that God will work on the hearts of your family, please do the same for mine. :)
  9. Your prayers are in my books :) Thanks!!
  10. My parents are the same way, my dad pretty much fell from the faith, and now his diving into taoism and bhuddism .. and my mom believes in God but doesn't follow his word. So I guess I know where you're coming from. I'll remeber you in my prayers as well. peace.
  11. I pray that God the would continue to give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.

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