How do you post pictures?

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  1. How do you post pictures?

    This may seem like a stupid question.

    Can somebody tell me how to post pictures in a thread. I am new to forums and I have no idea.

  2. Not at all stupid. I had to ask the same question.
    Go to
    Click the Browse button to locate the picture from your computer
    Click the Host It button.
    On the next screen you will see numerous options. select the one called Hotlink for forums (1)
    It is about halfway down the page below your picture.
    Copy the text in the box and paste it into your post.
    This is the result:
  3. ok, how do you post pictures in the gallery?
  4. 1 .Click gallery on Homepage.
    2. Click Upload to open a new page where you can enter in the details.
    3. Click 'Browse' and select the file on your computer to upload. Select category. Type in the Title and Description.
    4. Click 'Upload'.

  5. That's what I did Bro. Jeff, but it didn't work for me.:confused:
    So I ended up posting a picture of my cat in "Post your pictures here" area. But you still have to click on the ...words(?) open to see the picture.:confused: ...ok....
    I'll try again, maybe it was just a froggy-day!:D

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