How Do You Like The New Design?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Jeffin, May 25, 2012.

  1. I changed the forum design and worked on a few other things such as adding an online Bible page and linking verses to this page. I only used resources that are freely available on internet to make these changes. If you have some feedback, let me know.
  2. What was wrong with the way it was??? :confused: I think you broke it!:oops:
    Tried looking at the members link expecting to get told to beat it. :rolleyes: Yup sure enough I was, but then I was auto directed to some other page and had trouble breaking free from it :(
  3. Hi Calvin, thank you for your feedback. I noticed the issue with members link and frankly I don't know how that happened or how to fix it for now. I'll be asking some tech people about it. If you go to a blank page as a result of a faulty link, just hit the back button on your browser and you should be back to where you were. I changed the design because my wife asked me to make the site look better. This particular design in my opinion makes navigation easier for someone new to forums. Along with these changes the forum software was also upgraded to its latest version.

    I also made signatures visible to guests. This was requested by one of our members.
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  4. I like the new look.
  5. It has a bright, cleaner look. I like it.
  6. Thank you Don and HMS. Good to know that.
  7. Very nice and it just brightens the site right up. I like it :)
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  8. Thank you. So far, positive feed-backs. Phew. :D
  9. memberlist link has been fixed.
  10. Thanks Jeff, it works well.
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  11. You are welcome.
  12. I agree Calvin. I miss being able to insert my graphics. What happened to that?
  13. Hi Calvin, this is because the url you tried to enter is not a direct link to the image. It's a webpage with an image. The direct link is
    You get this url when you click on the image again. Please try it out. Any more problems, I am here to help. ;)
  14. I am new and I like the design. It is easy to find one's way and the design is clear and neat. But I have a question, and that is the link "What's New?". I miss the latest posts there. And when I click "Members" I see a link called "Recent Activity" which is much nicer - with a brief resume. And it, differently, is obviously up to date.
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  15. Thanks for the help Jeff. Thanks for not pointing out the obvious fact that it is I who am the underachiever here;)
    That is reserved to myself as a sort of 'in house' privilege.:D
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  16. I now see that the link "What's new?" is "unread threads from Christian Forum Site". Sorry! But I really like the other link also! What about having both links on both places?

    Again, the overall impression of the site is great. [​IMG]
  17. You miss the 'latest threads' link? How is it different from 'whats new'? Sorry what we have is what's written by the developers of this forum software. Anything extra may be available as an add-on on their website. I will search for that.
  18. And the light has been turned on heheeh:D
  19. jeff really good work man:)

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