How Do We Give Hope To People?

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  1. We are the salt and Light of the world. To the captives, to those held in darkness - to those without hope - we are to present the only Hope - Christ Himself!

    How do we do this then? What do you think? And how do you know who to share with?
  2. 1) I am always led by the Holy Spirit. No need to talk to someone that will not receive and I don't leave Jesus tracks. This of course for those times at a store or something and the Holy Spirit prompts you to speak with a stranger.

    2) I always tell them I can help and have their answer.
    people are people are people. They are not worried day and night about having to go to hell. They are concerned for their kids, how to pay the bills and can have sickness in their life. Jesus can fix all this and we bring to them our relationship with Jesus and His ability.

    3) People need to hear from the Lord that is scriptural, they don't want to hear a bunch of scripture. Not everyone is able yet to receive scripture and so if you offended them or make them feel bad then you have helped nobody. This idea that I told them the truth and they did not accept it then it's not on my head. (Ezekiel) Is a ineffective witness for the Lord Jesus.

    4) I never try to butt in, I don't always succeed, but we need to stay quite unless asked.
    Just because I see someone in blatant sin and mess, is not my indication I need to mention something to them. I need to hear the Holy Spirit first or else I close off the Lord using me in their life for later.


    A) At a homeless shelter a man crazy that came in often was spewing and yelling crazy things again. He did this often and the other homeless men just avoided him because he was unable to even complete a sentence that made sense. He often scream then pass out on the bunk and leave until it started over again when He came back.
    One such time I was in the back of the building when he came in and started to scream that Satan was his Lord,,.... NO... I want Jesus to be my Lord. Sounds like confusion to me, but I was doing something else and not heard a thing from the Holy Spirit.
    (remember Paul waited 3 days before casting that devil out of that fortune teller. Paul had to hear first then act)

    On this day though the Lord did speak to me saying....... "Are you going to take care of that for me?"

    I won't give the whole dialog but I finally got up and walked to the front. The man was just walking circles and yelling crazy stuff when I came from Behind and grabbed him. I said, "Look at me, I am anointed of God to help you, do you want help?"

    When He shook his head yes, I told the devil, "in the name of Jesus leave this man NOW!! and you will not hinder or blind my conversation with him."

    All this got the attention of the 30 other homeless there and they all stopped and watched from a distance. The man I grabbed started to just bawl saying over and over the Monster is gone, the monster is gone.

    B) At the bank I got a small vision of a man in a Wheelchair at Sams club in the produce section. Then I heard the Lord say.... "GO, I need to speak with him."

    I am thinking what are the chances I show up at Sams club and there be a man in a wheel chair in the produce section? Seriously, but I don't disobey and I walk by faith so in my car I went over to Sams club. It's best to miss God in Faith, than to dismiss what you think you heard. God can fix things you mess up, God can't fix you if you refuse to obey or move though as there is nothing to work with.

    I get to Sams club, walk back to produce and wouldn't you know....... the guy I saw in the vision in his Wheelchair. I had no idea what the Lord wanted me to do but Faith knows the Holy Spirit will give you want to say when you need it so I just walked up and told him. "The Lord has sent me across town to speak with you.......... Just then In a flash I saw everything. It turned out this guy left the Lord and I told him things only the Lord would know. He seemed really hard until I was done talking then he was in tears. I told him to do everything I said do else it be to late and he said yes, and thank you and I will start today."

    I could have assumed the Lord wanted me to pull him out of his wheelchair, but we don't assume anything. The Lord never mentioned that to me. He had more serious issue to get right than be worried about healing anyway, it's always the Lords will to heal, but it's not the Lords will to be forever lost.

    I have lots more examples some pretty amazing but we minister by doing what the lord says do and study the word constantly to be a workman that will never be ashamed. The Word and our value of the word of God determines if we get used and called or not. (2 Tim 2:15) Once you hear then respond and do what you know to do with nothing doubting.

    When we try to create our own works and plans without the Lord, the results are never that great if we get any at all. Say here I am Lord, use me.............. then go when told to go.


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  3. Short answer: love-love everyone.

    The Bible is the story of becoming 'like Christ'; taking on the attributes of God. We have to learn how to love and the Bible is our instruction manual. From cover to cover the Bible is the story of God's love for His Creation. We become 'the salt' and 'the light' when we love others.

    'Love covers a multitude of sins'

    'No greater love is for one to give up his life for his friends'

    'A new commandment I give to you: love one another as I have loved you'

    "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart (kind and humble): and ye shall find rest unto your souls."

    'Love your enemy...'

    Matthew 22:
    36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
    37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
    38 This is the first and great commandment.
    39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
    40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

    As Jesus Christ fulfilled the law with His example, we sacrifice our 'self' to fulfill the law of love. The key is "sacrifice". We learn to love those who don't deserve to be loved. This is how we serve and give to the lost of this world.
  4. What you say is true! "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35. How though do we come to this love? How do we come to know it and share it? For the love of ourselves is fickle at best...
  5. I have found this to be true as well. :) For not by might, but by my Spirit says the Lord. It always goes back to the Spirit - for He is our Power and Guide in (and to do) this new life...
  6. Amen. It is impossible without the ability to hear the Holy Spirit to be effective in helping anyone with lasting help.
    Jesus said I only speak what I hear my father Speak and I do what see my Father do.

    To think we can accomplish anything by our own plan, no matter how good it may seem without the direction of the Lord is fallacy and why so many ministries are ineffective today at healing the sick and turning the hearts of many.

    I am not better than the Master and nobody else is better than the master. If Jesus had to hear before acting, then we need to hear from him before acting.

    It may seem good to open a food pantry to feed the poor. It may be scriptural. If the Lord did not direct you to do so, it will always be out of money and you will have to ration what you can give out hardly feeding anyone. If the Lord said do it, then it's well supplied and the grace to get it done without ever running out will be there.

    A Pastor that wanted to start a drug program had wondered why there were so many issues with it. He was very dispondant about the whole thing and it just was not working out well at all. He even copied some of the best Christian programs and he had good teachers and helpers.

    I knowing finally inside I could say something said, "Did the Lord actually tell you to do this drug program?
    he said it was what he always wanted to do and it was in his heart for a long time.

    I said again............ "did the lord actually tell you to start this Drug program."

    He said I could not tell you the day if that is what you mean.

    See we can't be moved by feelings or moved by someones need. We have to hear first or all that we do is without the Lord and just expect the Lord to bless what we want to do and not what He called us to do.

    Without Jesus we can do nothing, and many run whole churches without a second thought to what the Lord actually said. There is no power, no help, and the best that can be prayed is if it be thy will................ Which is not faith.

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  7. The answer is simple...the action is not. But either way, Brother_Mike is 100% right.

    And the greatest testament of all is to do this to stranger, or more remarkably, to those who have wronged you. Your neighbor does something bad to you one day, the next day, help him shovel his driveway. He does something bad again anyway, do another good deed for him. There's a difference between being a pushover and being a beacon of God.

    Anyone can love those who already love them (and we should continue to)...but the real test of faith is when you love those who show hate to you. And when it happens, it's one of the most beautiful things in the world.
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  8. Sacrifice
  9. We are commanded to love (John 13:34). Obedience is better than sacrifice. (1 Samuel 15:22). Love is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). Christ gave us the Spirit as our Helper to be with us always (John 14:16). And those who walk by/in the Spirit will put to death the deeds of the body and be called sons of God (Romans 8:13-14).

    So then does love (agape) and the power to love truly - does that not come from the Spirit?
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  10. I don't have to sacrifice anything. (My will should and better line up with His will, or I am out of line in my thinking and have not crucified my flesh enough) Jesus said my Yoke is light, He made the sacrifice for us. I don't have powers to heal, I don't have the ability to perform the Word and Obeying the Lord brings you to the places of Major blessings, and gain. Not sacrifice.

    Love is the Key to Victory, and all that I see that be sick, have need I ask my Father about it. Should I do something here Lord?

    I can only see need, but I don't know hearts as the Lord does, so I don't waste what is given to me meant for someone else nor do I cast pearls to swine as a Pig can't tell the difference between a rock or a diamond.

    If we Keep our conscience clear of all things it helps us hear, and by hearing is instruction to act on the behalf of others. God does not move for someone based on need, but their heart and faith in Him.

    My Neighbors had been real nasty toward us but coming home I found a water bill notice on their door for shut off. It was a bit over 100.00 and I knew they did not have the money. My thought was, "Yep, I guess that is what they get."
    When I got inside my apartment the Lord spoke saying, "I want you to pay that for them and the next month."

    Ummm, that meant not paying my power bill at the time....................... However, the Lord says do something you do it and I called and got their bill caught up right away.

    Someone at Church handed us money (I never ask anyone for anything but the Father, for trust in the arm of man brings a snare) and I got my Power bill paid in time and though my Neighbor had no clue as to who paid their bill the relationship with them improved a whole lot more which was a blessing also.

    As Jesus Momma told them at the Wedding feast and I hear her words all the time..........

    Whatever He says do, you do it.

    If every believer would just do that and not doubt, then everything and everyone gets the Help the Lord intended. We all have a part.

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  11. Obedience IS Sacrifice; to be obedient to the LORD is to sacrifice our 'self' by becoming 'selfless' like Christ; disregarding the things of this world is 'sacrificing' our fleshy desires.

    So I agree with you that 'Obedience' is part of the learning how to love process.... (y)
  12. In context...................... then the sacrifice would be to give up our own things (die to the Lord) to do His will. I suppose this would be considered sacrifice at first until maturity, knowing that doing all the Lord asked to do is no sacrifice but blessings.

    The safest place to be is in the perfect will of God. I am much safer preaching Christ in the Streets of Iran than here at home in the U.S if that is what the Lord said do. It's disobedience that cost, and even life.

    Looking back, all that I thought I sacrificed has nothing but blessed me and prospered me though at the time I felt it a impossible burden. I have since learned the Lord has our best interest at heart always and we show that by trusting in him and his direction.

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  13. All of our righteousness is but filthy rags, but those filthy rags are better than being naked. When we walk through the cleansing fire; will there be any fruit that remains?

    God....thank you...I do not deserve this merciful to me a sinner....

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