How Did Jericho Fall?

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  1. How Did Jericho Fall?

  2. By the Grace of God.
    God told the Israelites to march around the city for 6 days.
    They marched on the 7th day out of faith in God and the walls fell!

  3. Thanks , so 13 times Israelites to march around the city, why 13 times?
  4. They marched around the city once a day for 6 days, as God instructed.
    The walls still had not fallen.
    They took their faith in God's promise, instead of giving up and doubting God, they marched on the 7th day, 7 times!
    God honored their faith and destroyed the city!

  5. By Faith.
  6. It fell because God told Joshua to do something and his army listened. It was as simple as that, obedience to God
  7. One thing I remember hearing was that the walls didn't "fall". If they fell in, then it could be said that an earthquake, or some other force caused them to fall. But the wording said, that they were flattened. As if they were pressed down into the Earth itself.

    Since I'm not a scholar and haven't spend the required time researching this, I can't at the moment verify that. But, I did find that much more spectacular to have the walls "fall down" than having the walls crumble, or "fall over".

    I would love to hear anyone here with some more knowledge on this since I take this statement as hearsay.
  8. By faith and obediance to God.:)
  9. spot on!
  10. archiologists have found Jericho, and the walls around the city did indeed fall exactly as described in the Bible. The city was also not ransaked and was burned. archiologists found all of this. People need to stop trying to find natural explainations for these things and just have faith in God. after I seen an article about Jericho in Biblical archiology magazine, I thought it was amazing!! and just think, secular scholars said jericho never existed as a city........ untill they found it.
  11. I am a slow learner. I still don't see the lesson I have to learn.

    If God appeared to me and told me to walk around a town for 6 days, I think I would do it. I cannot imagine any believer not obeying such a command. It is not a difficult command to obey after all. What am I to learn from the story? Thanks.
  12. I think there can be two sorts of lessons.

    There are quite a few instances in the Scriptures, when God, through prophets, asked ppl to do very simple things, that would result in some miracle. There, the faith or pride of the one asked is tested.

    Often too in the Bible, God just want to make a display of His Might. Sometimes in the eyes of others, He gives glory to those through whom He has performed that miracle.

    Which of these two do you think it was in that instance?
  13. If you have trouble imagining a believer disobeying God, you need look no further than me.

    God gave me 10 commandments, He told me to love my neighbor as myself, to forgive,.... yet I let Him down and I sin every day.

    And as the Monkees said; "I'm a Believer!" :)

    But I need to be reminded, and Sanctification is a process, like walking around a city for days, or devoting time each day to the study of Gods Word.
  14. Since you mentioned the Monkees...

  15. :D

    I LOVE IT!!!
  16. Thanks for replies. But the following post comes close to my mind probably because that's where my mind is blocked.
    Please write more. It starts to make sense even to my dull mind.
  17. It seems that to me, what he is saying, is that God performs miracles for two reasons. Either to test the faith of the one He is performing the miracle for, or to display his power to bring glory to His Kingdom.

    In this case, was he testing Joshua's faith or was he trying to display his glory to everyone.

    Though, I may be misunderstanding completely, in which case, please feel free to ignore my rambling...
  18. My understanding is so limited that it's even difficult for others to see it. Let me try one more time.

    Walking around a town for 6 days wouldn't require a battle against the flesh nature of man. But not coveting my neighbor's possessions is against my flesh nature. To me, the latter is ten times more difficult to keep than walking around a town.

    If someone preached to me to obey God's commands based on "thou shalt not covet..." I would pay attention. But if he preached the same from the story of Jericho, my reaction would be "so? even I would." Do you see where my understanding is lacking?

    No, you didn't ramble. Thanks for adding more flesh to the bone. If you don't mind writing more to me, I will read all.
  19. is the issue about what lesson is to be learned from the story? Or how it relates to the "law"?

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