How can we

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  1. How can we

    Hope can we hope to receive the blessings our heavenly Father wants to pour out on us if our hands are busy clinging to the world?
  2. Great question;
    there was a song I sang many years ago with my trio: Sounds of Praise at the church that I was baptized. It was called "Empty Hands" (from my memory; sweet melody)
    "then I reached my hands toward Heaven
    with my simple mind and dull
    that God could not pour His riches
    into hands already full"
    So true; may we all have EMPTY hands (and broken spirit and contrite heart)to receive ALL that You want to give us today. :pray:​

  3. Amen

    God bless
  4. Way too often, over the past century or so, have we seen what materialism and self-centered behavior can do to society in general in this 'all about me' generation. It errodes the godly tasks that the general population should be doing while pushing the average person farther and farther away from God. The attitudes and actions of the ungodly are like a plague upon mankind that can make one-time believers into pawns of Satan. For some who are weak in their faith, it is easy to become complacent and to disregard God's plan.

    Those who are not affected or swayed by the behavior of others and maintain their strong, honest and righteous relationship with God will be rewarded with the gift of everlasting life.
  5. Amen Pastor Gary .


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