How Are You Guys Doing?

Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by xspinningisfun, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Fill me in with what's happening in your life!

    Any plans for today/tonight?
  2. my plan is to understand...

    there is no way to measure what we are worth
    He put aside His wonder to run to earth

    when He knew the time was now
    the dream nite ‘n day inside somehow

    from clay to the day watching us bussle
    and aching in the heart His children His muscle

    come and see“ and rest my child ‘tis done
  3. Your post being for Friday, my plans - and my reality - for that night was to moniter the APPS machine all night. As a bonus, I performed a routine check of part of the sorter that was passed on from day shift and also replaced a ground strap and, later, a broken tone rail brush. Partyin' hard on a Friday night. WOOOOO!!!!
  4. Your photo is awsome. I love it, thats the best head shot I have seen on here.

    But you did ask how I am doing, I would say, I dont know but enjoying the life I have left.
  5. That's a great thing to try to understand! It's pretty deep :)

    Wooooohoooo! :) :D How was your weekend?

    Lol, thanks. That's good. Enjoying life is better than hating life, right? :)
  6. spinnerlady, you remind me of a rocket-fuelled tv presenter over here, just jumping bundle of life...i too went to bible college and took 10 years to get over it.
  7. I love Bible college :) It's been life changing and have matured me for my future ministry!
  8. i believe so too,'cause you are a different mix, can you sing?
  9. Even better, my fellow APPSman, Dan, and I replaced the entire link belt on the feed conveyer of one of the APPS machines. Oh, and we replaced all the front and rear cogs as well. I am a wild man, don't even try to keep up with me!:D
  10. Hahahah
  11. you look a lot like a girl i went to school with. she had a smile a lot like the one in your avatar.
  12. Ah, cool.
  13. Hope all is well, beautiful~
  14. I went to Bible college. Didn't graduate, though. Unless you count my MR degree :p it had its ups and downs. . . This weekend was just spent hangin with the family, before heading out of town for work again.
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  15. Hi patriot 13; well, don't stop studying the Bible... :)

    My wife and I like to read it together every day, and pray. Blessings.
  16. Bible college definitely does have its ups and downs! Lol
  17. There speaks an expert, right? :)
  18. I should be, lol
  19. I am going to hang here untill I go to sleep, I might even post a topic, don't know? I am a bit sick and need to take it easy.
  20. Anyone heard from Rob Aston and his brain surgery? Successful or what?

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