Honored Christian Tradition - Tatted Lace Cross Bible Bookmark

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  1. Honored Christian Tradition - Tatted Lace Cross Bible Bookmark

    Hi, I'm a member of the Forum and a Tatter.

    I've made a special listing for my Bible Bookmark Crosses on Etsy for Christian Forum Members, a variety of colors and charms, and at no Shipping Cost.

    The listing can be found here ... ChristianForumSite Special offer 724 Prayers Hand by Celtat

    Price is $8.00 each total. If you don't prefer to go thru Etsy, Please message me here at the forum for options.

    I have become the tatter for many families who have lost their Aunt, Grandmother, or Mother who tatted. I have been making these Tatted Crosses for a long time, according to a pattern used by my grandmother, a Minister's wife.

    I know that many of the crosses I make become gifts for a special person to go in their Bible. It makes me happy to know it can be nowhere safer, and that 50 years from now it will look the way it did the day it was made. I'm so honored to hear they are well received as gifts.

    God Bless you and yours.
    Jeanine (Celtat)
  2. Thank you for posting this Jeanine and for HisManySongs for approval .

    I will be ordering some for sure as they will make excellent Christmas gifts. God Bless you and your beautiful work .

    What about shipping to Canada . How does that work ? I don't mind having to pay the postage.
  3. We'll do whatever it takes to get them to you Dusty, please let me know how soon you need them and what colors.
    Thank you for this opportunity to get my crosses and prayers to others.
  4. Will have picture posted later today or tomorrow of all the colors crosses come in.
    Working on special orders too.

    Special orders for forum might need to be ordered early to guarantee they're mailed in time for holidays.

    Order by October 27 for Thanksgiving Gifts.
    Order by November 17 for Christmas Gifts.


  5. Thank you , Jeanine

    I was waiting to see all the colours . That will be great. God Bless .
  6. Photos of Cross Colors now posted ... Please let me know what you think.

    Look here .. ChristianForumSite Special offer 724 Prayers Hand by Celtat

    Colors shown:

    Pure White, Antique White, Peach
    Light Pink, Bright Pink, Burgundy
    Light Blue, Light Purple, Deep purple
    Froot Loops Multicolored, Purple Variegated

    New Color added soon.. 'Lime Green' !



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