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  1. I've been thinking on the song "I Can Only Imagine" and then thought....well now what? OK so Christ is back and all is good. What is my purpose? I think that there will still be people on Earth and nations as well. The big difference is that the Earth no longer belongs to Satan, but rather to Christ. We, true believers, will now be in glorified bodies and will be sent on missions for Christ to these nations to carry out His will. We will be serving under believing Jews?
    Makes you wonder if all this persecution, tribulation we experience is training for the Kingdom to come. Think about it. Right now we are very vulnerable in this world, just ask the Coptic 21. But when HE returns.....WE will be the ones the world has no threat over. This is precisely why we simply MUST embrace humility and forgiveness now. We can't be turned loose on a world of weakling mortals if we harbor anger, wrath, revenge or any other intent or emotion that would turn us into indestructible monsters in glorified boies.
    Just thinking and wondering out loud......my wife says I think too much.

  2. We will be the government serving under the King, Jesus!

    You make a great point about what we, who have been called to exist during the ushering in of the Kingdom, have been ordained to endure. while all generations of believers will comprise the Kingdom government, we can know that in the duress of these times, what with rampant wickedness around us, that we are being trained in righteousness and in perseverance. We need to keep our eyes on the prize of our high calling! We will receive the blessing and reward due that in due course!
  3. I think..if you still arguing with your brothers and sisters and not of one accord then its not a picture of heaven is it? It is still flesh. I imagine we would need to set right everything satan has stolen. And then the new heaven and earth will come.
    I think will be a great day of celebration like the wedding supper Jesus told us about. Don't worry nothing of flesh and nothing of sin will enter the gates. God will NOT allow it.
  4. We let Jesus do the setting right of things.
  5. What is your purpose.

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