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  1. Not sure if this is the best section but since this does fall under the category of home...posting here.

    It is becoming necessary for me to hire a housekeeper, not a daily one, but someone to come in and do overall cleaning on a regular basis. I have been thinking about this a lot lately since my mobility is much more limited than it once was..I am 80 years old and have had challenges with a fractured back two years ago. Plus my husband who, since retiring, always helped with a lot of it has become very limited due to dementia issues.

    Lately I got wind of a Christian woman who is comes in to clean, etc. She is a friend of friends and someone I know but not very well. Has anyone any advice here about what to expect and what to discuss in the event I meet with her. And what is a reasonable per hour price for this kind of work these days? Thanks for any and all imput. Mod's please move this if it's in the wrong section. Thanks..


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  2. Obviously, the best way to get a feel for a person is to meet them and speak to them, perhaps over a cup of coffee or tea. This way you can use your own judgement as to what impression this person leaves you with. You may want to ask if she has any previous experience, and it is okay to ask for references. To determine hourly wages, call a local maid service and find out what they charge, then knock it down a bit because these services always have administrative fees. This will also be something you can discuss with her - ask what she is expecting to be paid. Hey, you can also peek on Angie's list or some such other site and see what people are charging for house keeping as well. You will then want to discuss your expectations and the type of work you want her to do, and what day works best for both of you. The good thing here is that you know her a bit and have friends in common. This is not the same as hiring a perfect stranger, which is a bit scarier in some ways. Over the years I've had a few housekeepers here and there and I've personally never had any problems with them. All the people I've hired were individuals who were referred to me by friends.

    Best of luck.
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  3. Praying for your new housekeeper sandpiper that they fit well and work well and are honest and reliable and trustworthy.
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  4. Pray about it and follow God's lead. The spirit of discernment will let you know if it is a good fit or not.
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  5. Thanks Egraine, Godbe4me, and via dolarossa: I have contacted one woman who I have known in women's bible studies who is now doing house cleaning. Will be discussing more with her on Friday. Thanks for the suggestions (all are good) and prayers. Yes, am asking the Lord for guidance and discernment. The challenge is to get someone who is reliable and doesn't over charge. Good idea about checking with Angie's list to get a feel for what they charge.
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  6. I think the payment may be based upon what you need cleaned and the size of your home. I usually pay $130.00 a visit to have my entire house cleaned, but with that I get a detailed cleaning - floors, dusting, all rooms, details to all things, etc. I don't pay that every time, that's just a full cleaning. I can pay less and only have certain rooms cleaned. I would make sure you are getting what you are asking for. I would let this person know your complete expectations up front. And do not let them take advantage of you because of your age.
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  7. Good advice, thanks, CoffeeDrinker! :)
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  8. I want to have my house cleaned again. I have turned into a pig lately..... :oops:
    I keep saying I can save the money and clean it myself. Then I get tired, and then I don't do it well...... stupid cycle of crazy in my house right now... lol
  9. Update: It was good doing business with this fine woman. She'll start this week and if that goes well I hope to get her for three hours every two weeks. Thanking God for your prayers and some tips..it helped. How special it is to share this need and actually receive a caring response. Awesome!!
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  10. Glory to God! Thank you for the update
    It's always good to hear praise reports... they are faith boosters :)
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  11. She worked here yesterday 5 and a half hours. She is a blessing. Thanks for praying. And the house looks good!
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  12. Great update. Praise the Lord! I'm so happy for you sandpiper! Thanks for sharing.
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  13. i am jealous.
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  14. ooooooo..... please send her here when she's done at your house. My dust bunnies are growing into dust dinosaurs. Scary! (LOL)
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  15. :giggle:She didn't do the dust bunnies enough last time so she is coming back for them. She spent more time shining up our bathrooms and said she considered those rooms 'under attack.' :cool: Likely too far to send her your way anyway. ;)
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  16. Ah well .... one can always ask. :D
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  17. Hello Sandpiper;
    God is so good, Sandpiper! In your prayers He arranged to bring you both together blessing her, you and your husband. I'll pray with everyone that she works out and does a great job!
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  18. Yes, she was here on Friday and it went well. Thanks for your prayers, Bob, I think He cares even about these seemingly small things we ask for in prayers. Nothing is too small to ask the Father for. Amen!
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  19. Coffee, this really was very good advice especially the last two lines. "I would let this person know your complete expectations up front. (Which I did do) And do not let them take advantage of you because of your age." After two times I have come to the conclusion that this was a good experience in learning, "How to hire and manage a house cleaner." because I suspect she thought she could not meet expectations and get away with it likely due to my age. Not so. She didn't really do as asked or expected but what she sort of chose to and seemed very controlling in that regard. And she changed the appointments two or three times and also procrastinated on that. I will keep looking and prayerfully may not hire her back although for now I left it somewhat open with no appointments with her doing the work scheduled. Thanks for those tips. I think there is someone else the Lord will lead me to. This was a stepping stone. And just because someone is a Christian doesn't mean they will work out as the right one to do the job. :)
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  20. Most definitely, I would keep looking for the right person. You will know when you meet that person.
    I am very particular about these things because, I myself, work in a support role for someone else. I am the personal assistant to the chairman of the board for a large company. My job is all about making his life easier. I support his needs and I have made a very successful living for myself in doing this type of job because I am always all about them and what their needs are.

    You need a really good maid that understands her role is to make your life easier. The first thing I always do is try to think exactly like my boss in all situations. Now, after being with him for several years, I am good at this. I know what he likes, his expectations, dislikes, etc. The right person will realize who are you in the situation and she will make you very happy. Not everyone has the ability to serve others. I think this is somewhat of a gift. I love it, and I no issues working in this capacity. I love taking care of my boss and his family. They are great people.
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