High schoolers :)

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  1. High schoolers :)

    Psalm 119:9-16

    Im sure everyone has been through peer pressure etc, I know I have and at that time I was not close to the word but I just wanna say that nothing is stronger than the Word of God:) it is your choice to follow the Word or follow your friends... But remember what ever path you take, it was your choice... Be strong and say no:) Be strong and rather tell your friends what Jesus would do, Be strong and abstain from all evil, be strong and lean on to the Word:) it will guide you And if you trust the word,You will never go wrong:)
    God bless :)
  2. HIGHSCHOOLERS! Aaaaargh!!!

    KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!!

    I love'em Aren't they great? Smart, quick, funny, totally endearing, and on top of it all
    Frustrating. LOL They are all part of Gods blessing on us. Thank you Father.

    I have four daughters twelve grand critters and eight great grand critters. I am blessed!
  3. :D That's me!

    Ugh, when I'm done with High School, I'll probably look back and want to go back to those times again! ;)

  4. See? If your a teen, you are most definitely part of Gods blessing on your parents. To the rest of us too.

    HBUY D.
  5. :)
  6. you definatly will, i graduated back in 2004 andn ow that i look back at the time i spent in school i wish i could do it over again there are alot of things i would have done differently (and alot of things i just wouldnt have done lol). cherish your time in school even though all the home work sucks having to work for a living sucks even more lol

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