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  1. HI!

    Hi Everyone, I am a newbie and glad to be here, can't wait to jump into the discussions! God Bless!!!!:D
  2. Greetings sister and welcome to CFS. We are like family here and I am sure you will like it.
    Can you tell us somethiung about yourself???
  3. Well I am mommy to a 6 year old, been married 11 years, raised in a "christian home" although I have made my fair share of mistakes. I am praying that someone will go to church with me other then my son b/c I really want to go back ASAP! I am going this sunday but the church is HUGE and its kind of intimidating but I feel that is where God is pulling me. I Love God and want to serve him to the best of my ability however I tend to Doubt too much and analyze wayyyyy too much. My mother was our Youth Minister growing up and I was the one who was always asking "why" so I will probably have many questions here, we never stop wondering or learning do we? :D I am glad I found a Christian Forum!
  4. Welcome Shllby1! Look forward to sharing God's Word with you. Keeping you in prayer.
  5. Trying out a new church? Exciting! Tell us more about it once you go!
  6. Hey, Shllby1! [​IMG]Welcome to the forum! I go to church alone, too. While I wish it were different, I am glad I go and get to fellowship with like believers. I know you will be blessed by doing so yourself!
    Looking forward to seeing your questions! I got lots of them, too, just havent found the right time to ask them! Good thing about this place, it has a lot of grace for people that mess up![​IMG]
  7. Hi there Shelby!
    I'm glad to see there is someone else with lotsa questions. I won't feel so lonely. I too, am too am very intense in my search for answers. Some think this is seriously wrong. But they just have to put up with us. :dance:
  8. Thanks for all the warm Welcomes! I am just reading the web site now and surfing around, waiting too jump in with my questions :)
  9. hi it,s a free opinion site.

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