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  1. Well someone suggested I should introduce myself so here it goes. My forum name means Prayer Warrior and it is something I truly believe in. Without prayer in our lives we won't accomplish much in our lives and others as well. I don't have a denomination or a church. I consider myself a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ and in doing so I fall under Christianity. I enjoy the outdoors and feel closest to God when I am outside in nature and helping people who aren't as fortunate as others around them. I am looking forward to blessed conversations with everyone.

    God Bless
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  2. Welcome to the forum!
  3. Welcome to christianforumsite.com
  4. Welcome. What type of church do you go to? Non-denominational?
  5. Hi Trodai Urnai . Welcome to CFS my brother from another mother mm hmmm I recon :) Hey if you have not done so yet, please read this welcome pack. It will help you understand CFS and navigate this jungle LOL :) Here it is my friend
    Again welcome and have fun and learn :D

    Chili out.
  6. Hello! Welcome here!
  7. I don't attend service in a church. I do more of a home church with several other Christians. When weather permits we meet outside as well.
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  8. That sounds awesome. I wish I had something similar.
  9. Welcome!! In what language does that mean Prayer Warrior?
  10. How come you don't go to a church?
  11. Home church is the real church IMHO (y)

    It was the best I ever attending in 36 years!
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  12. I'd say that he does go to a church. He just doesn't have to go far. I really like the idea of having a home church. I think that would be a wonderful learning environment.
  13. It is indeed! I'd have a prompting to go by the Spirit and one by one we'd all show up. It was never a set time, just when the Spirit moved. It was wonderful! It ended after two years because we all got reassigned (I was in the Air Force back then). It was hard to leave. In all my travels and all the people I met and all the "churches" I've been to, I'm still only in contact with those from that church!
  14. I've never had a good church that I regularly attended... Not as an adult anyway. I can imagine it's really hard to leave since there seem to be a ton of bad churches around.
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  15. I would really struggle with a house-congregation. Maybe I am not prepared for that much intimacy in a worship setting.

    How are home-congregations run?

    Although I attended a house-church as a child, it was family, and mine felt like a complete waste of time. They tried to run it just like that church's large gatherings.
  16. It is Irish.
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  17. Home Churches are similar to a bible study someone might have in their home. The one thing that is a bit different is usually the people don't change much. There is a trust with everyone in home churches and a closeness between everyone that it is like a second family. You can kind of say that it is a very close prayer chain as well. It does challenge someone to be open to others that aren't part of their direct family. Once this relationship is established through Christ, amazing things can happen. I would recommend others to at least do something like this in their own homes. Maybe a bible study with a select group of individuals to create a bond with them and the Lord.
    The negative side to this is if you belong to a Church some people might get jealous that they weren't invited. You know, the typical things that happen in any organization. Can't please them all :)
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  18. Bible study? I could handle that! :) I'd LOVE that!
  19. In our case there wasn't a "structure" like you see in building gatherings. The lady of the house would usually speak and we'd worship the Lord, pray, learn things put on our hearts, but most importantly, it was the Holy Spirit driving the meetings from when we met to what happened. It was so awesome and powerful.
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  20. I forget y'all have your own language.

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