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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by seneca, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. I just found this site after hanging out on another Christian forum where I never posted anything because everyone was so nasty! I have no agenda to beat people over the head when I disagree with them and I tend to get beat up enough in church, soooo things seem pretty nice here. I think I'll be ok! -Seneca
  2. People sometimes become very passionate about their views on Gods will. Sometimes unwittingly they come across as being pushy or even mean. i have learned over the years to have a thick skin. Sometimes of course some are just plain nasty. Some can get nasty after being upset by what has been said. Best policy is to just give what you feel lead to say and give over all the nasty replies to God. Let them go. And move on.

    Also because this is just text communication we can sometimes totally misinterpret the intent behind what another person has said. Sometimes we can fall into the trap of projecting a negative image upon others simply because we dislike the message they are giving.

    Lots of things get in the way of good communication between faulty human beings like us. That’s why we need to follow the guidance of Jesus in being as gentle with the message as we can and turning our cheeks to absorb as much of the negative feelings we get from others. If we are hard and reflect back all the negativity that comes our way we only amplify the destruction and multiply the pain.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days
  3. Yes, hopefully I can post without hurting anyone[​IMG] This place just feels good.
  4. I'm sorry you get beat up in church :( Christians should be loving towards each other. Heck, EVERYONE should be loving towards each other.
    Just know you won't find it on here :) And if ya do, please let one of us Moderator's and Helpers know and we'll take care of it :)
    But overall, this is a friendly environment :) And I'm glad that my team is so accepting of one another!

    Anyways, welcome to the forum! My name's Katie :)
    Hope you enjoy it here! But I'm sure you will :D
  5. Hi seneca!

    I'm a newbie too but I sure don't feel like one...

    It's great to have you aboard!

    Blessings in Yeshua!
  6. Lolz...I just got accused of having an 'Agenda'. [​IMG]]

    Welcome to the team seneca.

  7. Aww I'm sorry.. People of all religions and race can be either nice or mean...no matter what....but I hope that you find good friends here! God bless you!

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