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  1. Hi I am a 29 year old female living in UK. I have always been interested in Christianity, even as a child, I liked visiting churches and felt I believed in God.

    At age 22 I wanted to look further into this and joined an introduction course at a local catholic church, but sadly was not made very welcome. It seemed he only wanted to know people already in the church even though the intro should be for people who do not know much and want to learn. Just in short, for several reasons, not a nice man.

    After this, I have studied a little myself at home, read several Joyce Meyer books. I love her approach to teaching.

    I am here as I have so much to learn and hope this forum will be a help.

    I would like to read the bible but I wondered if an audio bible would be an easier way? There is 2 I am interested in, the word of promise audio, and holy bible by David suchet. Please can anyone advise if these would be suitable with me wanting to learn more
  2. Welcome to CFS! I am from the UK too; please read the following materials.



    I read a lot of Joyce Meyer books; visit her website and watch Enjoying Everyday Life - this is good too.

    I always recommend a physical bible, however there are apps available for smart phones FREE to us in the UK where you can listen to the bible.

    Any questions, please ask any staff members.
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  5. ;)(y) Good stuff Fish!
  6. Welcome!
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  7. Welcome to the forum!! :)
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  8. Hello and welcome to the forum and congratulations on finding the Lord, it sounds like you are searching deeply and the Lord Jesus will meet you there. Just remember to 'come as you are' and, remember that He's not just your saviour, but your best friend too....
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  9. Welcome eve,
    It great to have you join this site! First i would ask God to point you in the right direction for an audio Bible, as He knows best in all things for us.
    I was going to get an audio Bible to listen to for times when i am having difficulty reading. I have found a few aps, just need to investigate. I am sure that there is a difference between the aps available in the uk, and the us.
    My fiancè pointed out to me that one has to be careful that what the reader is speaking is actually the Bible. So might be good to have a physical Bible to read along with or if possible to find a pastor or church that you trust to see if they have the Bible on audio. Maybe check out Joyce Meyers site.
    Anyway i rejoice in your newly found decision to make Jesus your Lord, and pray that He lead and guide you to the right things for you.
    Many Blessings to you!
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  10. Welcome eve, its so great having you in the body of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. If you have a phone or device that is connected to the internet just download youversion app. It has a lot of versions of the bible and also has audio. That's what i use and i really enjoy it. I pray your testimony will lead more people into Christ's vineyard
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  11. The most famous recorded Bible reading would have to be Alexander Scourby reading the King James Version. (1955?)Been around for decades.
    I still have my New Testament cassette tapes in a soft black case. Cost me $11AU that's how old they are.
    But I also have the full Bible reading on ordinary CDs and on MP3 discs. Ahhh what a voice.
    Every good Christian bookshop worth their salt should be able to supply.
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  12. Hello, welcome to the CFS! I hope you can deepen in your faith while here with us. I also recommend a paper Bible because it is easier to flip through. I will pray for you :)
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  13. Hello Eve,
    Welcome at CFS.
    You might want to try the NIV Dramatized at BibleGateaway.com Audio Bibles. There are also other audio versions available from this same site.
  14. Welcome Eve! Ask lots of questions, and always trust in the "anointing" within you coupled with the Word of God in every thing. It will save you a lot heart ache later on. Beth Moore is another good woman teacher.
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  15. What does anointing mean?
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    Eve, the word "Christ" means "anointing" or "the anointed one" When Jesus Christ becomes your savior, he comes and lives his life in you. You are now "anointed" because of his presence living you. The Bible tells us that it is the "anointing" in you that teaches you all things about God and his Word.
    It is Gods "anointing" that breaks and destroys every yoke of bondage in your life, no matter what it is. It was the anointing that Jesus used to break the power of the devil over those whom he held in bondage, either by sickness or sin. Knowing this and believing it is what you need to learn so that it will become a reality in your life. Calling out to God as your Father in the name of Jesus will begin this process of learning, as the Father uses his Word to confirm every thing he teaches by this anointing.
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  17. I would say any kind of Bible you would be downloading on your phone or an audio Bible is good. However, some versions/translations may be more difficult to understand.

    I have YouVersion on my phone and it has various versions/translations and has reading plans as well as devotions. I think this might work for you!
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  18. I'm with the other members here -
    YouVersion is a fabulous Bible app.
    Multiple translations to choose from too. :)

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