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  1. Hi Guys

    Im David, or Fozz to people who are not related to me, Im new here and relatively new to christianity, we are all new to things at all times of our lives, so forgive me if I am unsure of what I am talking about at times, I am still developing with my church and with god...

    Until recently, I never gave religion a thought, my religion was(and still is to a certain extent) football, my church and congregation was Darlington Football Club and it's 1000-1500 die hard followers and the anything the manager said was a sermon...Early-Mid 2013 I became friendly with my sisters friends husband who went through a lot and started attending church a few years ago and started talking about what it has done for his life, for his relationship and how it has made him the good husband and father he is today, and while not preaching to me, kept trying to encourage me to at come along with him and kept inviting me for about 9 months, I never made promises, but he told me he would be more than happy to wait for me to make the decision to go along with him...

    October 2013 came and I went to church for the first time in years and must admit it was the first time I felt accepted by a group of people and have never looked back, when I was younger I was a loner, had no real friends up until I was 15, had an interesting life through my teenage years and to suddenly feel liked and accepted by people meant a lot to me...

    My relationship with God is interesting, my whole outlook is based on hope and faith, having faith in my hope and hope in my faith, I am still building my relationship with God, I entered into this relationship a pure sceptic and ended up having felt God talk to me through my prayer when my stepfather had a healthscare recently, I am still quite confused by it all and still struggling to figure things out, but I am slowly getting there with the best support circle I could ask for :-D

    Anyway, I look forward to speaking to you guys and making new friends (Y)

    Essay over :-P
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  3. hi !! and welcome to forum.

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