Hi! I'm New Here

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Fire Angel, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Hi! I'm New Here

    :jesus-cross:I'm from Canada, and I am interested in making new friends here. I've been through a lot. It'll be good to get some support.
  2. Welcome Fire Angel,

    This is a great place to make new friends. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the forum rules. If I can help in anyway, just let me know.
  3. Hi FireAngel!! Your gonna like it here at CFS. There is a whole lotta support here in all kinds of ways with a whole lotta smiles and love. A HUMBLE welcome to you my friend! Post away n get to know us. Just call me "Chili" all my friends do.
    God Bless you sis.:)
  4. Fire Angel, You have come to the right place! Its great to have you here, WELCOME!!

  5. Thanks Don, Chili and Jake. Thanks for welcoming me here.:)
  6. :welcome:
  7. Hi Fire Angel,

    Welcome to CFS.


  8. welcome to the site!

    It is so wonderful to read that you have found Victory in JESUS CHRIST!!!

    Praise GOD!
    We have victory over the enemy!!!!
  9. Thanks Tavy, I was wondering do you collect Angels? I like your cross that is real nice.
    Thanks Dusty and Lynn. Thanks all for welcoming me. It'll be nice getting Christian support as I seek the Lord for my healing.:pray:
  10. Thanks New 2 Christ, And thanks for sharing those scriptures with me.
  11. Welcome Sister.

    I'm Canadian too eh. :)

    If you need anything at all.... :)
  12. Thanks Joke police, good Word.
  13. Thanks God's Child, That is a beautiful welcome. And very graciful scriptures.:jesus-cross::heart::)

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