hi i have a question

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  1. hi i have a question

    How did the early people in the bible live much longer then we do today?
  2. Because they were so much less sin...if Adam & Eve didn't sinned at all, they would have lived forever. The longest person who lived was Methuselah at age 969. But now we can only live at max 120 years due to the fact that the sons of God (fallen angels) took the daughters of men (humans) as wives and had sex with them and the offspring was giants.

  3. oh.. thanks dude i never really understood why they lived so long, now i do :)

    wow 969, he must of looked really tired at the end of that!
  4. I've also read that our shorter lifespans is another way of God keeping us from sin, and keeping mutch of it out of the world.
    Before Noah, people lived a LONG time, and look at how mutch they sinned. we live shorter lives, not mutch time for a lot of sinnin to happen.
    but that's just one opinion. :)
  5. Some Bible scholars have suggested that the earliest people (from Adam up to Noah) were closer in time to the original perfection of Adam, and had less of the decaying "fall-out" of The Fall; others have said that the earth's atmosphere was different then, and that the sun's rays were not as harmful (?); others say that God limited man's lifespan because man was getting so evil. Actually Psalm 90, which was written by Moses, and so is the oldest Psalm, says that man's lifespan is 70 years, or 80 years if someone is strong (Psalm 90:10), which is basically what our lifespan is today.
  6. no, its not because of sin, in the book of genesis god divided the waters into 2 firmaments. one upper and one lower. This created a water canopy over the earth. now, with this water canopy, it blocked all ultra violant radiation and increased oxygen in the enviorment to 3 times the ammount we see today. This is scientificly proven. As you see in the Bible, people live shorter and shorter lives as time goes by. But this dosent happen untill after Noah. When God flooded the world he dropped the upper firmament onto the earth and opened up all the springs on the earth. with the upper firmament gone, this changed the long life people used to live and how big things got. Have you noticed that things from back then were alot bigger than now. bigger mosquitos, bugs, birds, fish etc. everything was much bigger growing in that Oxygen rich enviorment. This has been tested with fish in a lab whear they made the same conditions. They grew Parranas to be 7 times larger than a normal parrana. It is fasinating that creation science can prove the neatest things and the beauty of Gods creation. I hope this helps:fish:
  7. lol confusing, so many different answers :s
  8. That's 'cause we don't know for sure! But believerintheword gave a really good answer.
  9. A probably not Biblical answer but practical.... There was not all the polution, fast foods,additives, preservatives , people worked hard at physical labour, ate good food, had no means of transportation. walked everywhere., didn't have the modern stress and worry didn't have the rushed lives and the list goes on. Spent time with their families.etc .
  10. Its a study that I found (from my last answer) The proof of 3 times more O2 in the air is from the mosquitos tha they find in amber. when you see amber it has little air bubbles in it. when they go into the amber they can test the air that is trapped in these pockets and they found the oxygen to be 3 times more than our current atmosphere. I am into Creation Science. It is cool . But I will be glad to answer any more question anyone else has about this type of stuff. I enjoy Creation Science more because it makes more sense than evolution to me. Love you guys!!:D
  11. One thing to keep firmly in mind while reading Genesis 6 is the great emphasis on how very defiled wicked and horrendous, mankind had become.

    The "SONS OF GOD" may very likely have been very powerful rulers, mighty warriors, or powerful inhabitants leading the people who were inhabited by fallen angels. (See also Ezekiel 28:11-19 or Daniel 10:13. (Princes ruling "behind" them.)
    Pagans, and Pantheists who were ruled and governed by false gods.

    Remember, pagan gods held to an origin of copulation between gods and humans. "El" seduced two human women and produced "Shr" and "Slm" (dawn and dusk) therefore, the references to "Giants" and "Super Human" creatures, may very well have been a reference to the beliefs in the divine origins of the pagan beliefs of the rulers of that time.

    6:2; 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. Perhaps this was the introduction of the harems, regardless, it directly violated the sanctity of marriage that God had established.

    6:3; And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh
    No man hold’s any power against the one true God. Man is simply created flesh....

    6:3; yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.
    You all better get your act together boys,..... Your days are numbered. (Paraphrasing Obviously.)

    One might also note, that not long after this, God did destroy the world, with the exception of the one He found to be righteous and his family.

    When God says; "Your days are numbered." He means it. :)
  12. Thanks for the answers everybody :)
  13. That's true, it never rained til the flood, did it?
  14. Most Christians believe it is sin for which I am inclined to agree. After original sin, it was downhill from there. Everything from life spans, the ecology, and the enviornment has been in a steady and irreversible decline. I believe even as man's morality has deteriorated, so has the planet. Death was the result of sin(Romans 5:12-14) which is why I believe we have things like extinction. This is arguable as it is completely a spiritual theory, but then again, we're spiritual people.
    I'm not well grounded in the sciences; I'm into literature, theology, and biblical philosophy---but from what I understand there is a plethora of scientific evidence to suggest as believerintheword stated, that there was an abundance of O2 is the earth's atmosphere then, much more then today. With more O2, living things tend to grow larger and live longer, and this has been proven in labratories with plants and vegatables.
    Evolution has to be the height of absurdity. To imagine that life could be generated from non-living materials is stupidity of the very highest order. To imagine that DNA, the most unimaginably complicated living system we know of, self-duplicating and error correcting, happened by a string of fantastic, impossible chance coincidences is stupid. I have a lot of questions about evolution such as: how does nothing(big bang, cosmic evolution) explode? Where did the energy and matter come from in this supposed explosion? Why are apes still apes? Why aren't they evolving? Why don't we see creatures today in various stages of transformation? Better yet, why doesn't the fossil record indicate these transitions? The list of questions surrounding so called human evolution are endless. I understand that some Christians believe in evolution, and they're free to believe that, but I don't know how they reconcile evolution with the genesis account. I don't believe it, never have, and even if I was a dedicated atheist I still wouldn't believe it. The whole idea adds weight to the term ludicrous.
    I believe the Genesis creation account because that is what the bible says. I also do not subscribe to the widespread belief that this earth is billions of years old. Why? Because the bible's geneologies doesn't indicate that it is. Besides, considering the suspicous methods they use for dating rocks you couldn't possibly derive an accurate reading. There's a lot of astronomy that refutes the Old earth belief, but again, I'm not a scientist. The bible says God created, and that he didn't require 100 zillion years to do it, so that's sufficient enough for me.

    God Bless you
  15. Nope.

    Everything was watered from the ground.
    The atmospheric pressure was also much greater, and the O2 level in the atmosphere was much higher.

    This could also account for the longer lifespans, and is scientifically the only plausible explaination we have to explain how enormous dinosaurs were able to survive.

    Without higher atmospheric pressures and higher O2 levels, their circulatory systems would have been unable to keep them alive.
  16. Sin = death, more sin = more death. Plus the lack of harmful radiation due to the vapor canopy on a young earth, plus the higher O2 and on and on. I listen to a scientist who caimed there were 10 major differences in the atomspheric condtions in a young earth. He apllied three in his lab and purportedly grew tomatoe bushes the size of small trees.

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