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  1. Hi there. I'm confused about my own heart and whether I might or do believe in Jesus or not. Long story short, I've been out of church for about 8 years-the only years I ever went to church--and those numbered about 10 of my 40 something years. I am back attending mid-week service when I can, and I happen to have tomorrow off, so I'm going. Yes, same church.
    I'm posting here to say hi to all of you, and I want to put God first in my life. How do I translate to make that Jesus? I don't know if I beleive or ever did in my life, and I don't want to be a liar or dishonest.
    My agenda here is to not have one :) I want to know God, know good people who are believers, and stay aligned with that. I love being on the internet, so this site is perfect for me!
    So how do you know if you are Christian, and how do you cross to that side of the line for real with no questions in your heart or mind that throw you off course?
    I might add I was raised atheist, unfortunately. It's difficult to break out, but I'm a tough girl when I know what I want.
  2. Ok, very very simply, pray "Jesus, if you're real, make yourself real to me."
  3. Do you understand Who He is and what He did to reconcile you to God? I don't ask this as a test of your knowledge or theology, but looking more at your "heart knowledge." About 2000 years ago as we measure time, Jesus suffered not only the injuries inflicted by man, but endured the judgement of God for everything in your life that falls short of the Holiness and Glory of God, so that you could stand before Him uncondemned, embraced by Him as His child. He did this for you, knowing who you are, as a gift to you out of love for you.

    As Seneca indicated, if you sincerely seek Him, He will reveal Himself to you. Life experiences, what others have taught us, and even the words and attitudes expressed by those who call themselves Christians often interfere with our ability to see Him. If you've ever ridden a motorcycle in the rain, you quickly learn to look right through the spatter on your faceshield to see where you're going. I pray that God will enable you to look through the spatter of life and behold Jesus.
  4. I have heard Dr. Charles Stanley say, "It's not do you believe, but will you believe"

    I'm a new Christian myself. Salvation isn't a work in progress but sanctification is. Do I have that right? See, I have a lot to learn!

  5. I think there are many whose spirits are in darkness to the point where the question is genuinely "do you believe". But, once that first glimmer of light breaks into their souls, the question truly becomes "will you believe". But people's reactions to the light of Christ are as varied as people themselves. Some say, "Ah, finally, a light! Yay!", others say, "Agh! It hurts my eyes! Shut it off!" Some get a glimpse of themselves, see what a mess they are, and try to hide from the light.

    I agree that salvation is instantaneous and complete whereas sanctification is a lifelong process. This view has been reinforced by my experiences with those who claim to have come to a point of sinlessness. Their attitudes and behavior towards others have strongly suggested a fairly low standard of sinless perfection. What I can say with utter confidence is that Christ is my righteousness. I am His and He is mine. I pray that Soulful can come to that same confidence.
  6. That's a very lucid explanation that makes a lot of sense and thank you, Rumely, for articulating those points for me! Yes, let's pray that Soulful can come to that confidence as you say. In my own case the light does, indeed, show what a mess I am. That's why I need to be in the Word more often so I don't get into a worldly pattern of thinking again after fellowshipping with Christians and when I'm away from reading scripture. When away from the light the imperfections tend to blend in with the darkness, the further away from the light, the more so and the old sinful fleshly nature returns. It helps, oftentimes to have help in the interpetation of the Word of God. As I draw closer to God I somehow feel I have hope of getting more and more of it right. I hope so anyway, I can't do worse after hitting bottom, there's nowhere else to go.

  7. You will no doubt struggle more with faith because of your atheist background, but God must be calling you to Him. I am certain He has placed this desire to know in your heart.

    God wants everyone to have the same opportunity for salvation, and this is why you are struggling.

    Faith is a choice. You have said you are here because you want to know God. So, if you want a plan to help you on your way, do as Seneca said. Start by praying and telling God you are seeking Him and need His help.

    Start reading the Book of John. Read a chapter a day, (or as much as fits your time schedule) praying before and after for understanding. And pause from time to time to consider what you are reading, asking God about a specific verse or passage.

    Reading Scripture every day and praying every day are the two best things you can do to draw nearer to God.

    Then, when you have a question, just ask. We may not have all the answers, but we can share what we know, as well as our experiences. And in the process of your learning we will learn, too. :)

  8. Or there is a chance you will find what you are searching for when you stop yourself thinking "do i believe, does He exist ? I don't believe !, I'm not sure, i want to believe". All those questions stop you from creating a connection with God.
  9. Hi Optik,

    Thanks for the reply, and for the insight. I believe you're right! :cool:

  10. Always a pleasure to help :)

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