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  1. Hi. my name is Chilli and i am new to this site. I have been saved for 2 years... will be 3 years in May this year. I have been looking for a forum style environment filled with Godly people who can help me in my walk, keep me on track and just to meet new brothers and sisters in Christ! Hope i've found the right forum for this.

    I am 34 yrs old, from Cape Town, South Africa. I love playing guitar, singing and writing music and poetry and even stories. I am married for almost 5 years, have two sons aged 3 and 7. I love nature, and i love Jesus!

    Hope to meet some great friends here!

    God bless!
  2. Hi Chilli, welcome board. You will make some good friend here too. :)
  3. Welcome, I just joined a few hours ago!
  4. Hi guys. Thanks for welcome. I also just joined. It's great!
  5. Oh good....Glad you found us. Folks need to hear more from you folks down South. I live in Malay country, and will share the REAL Bobotie recipe....if you like.
  6. LOL.. Thanks Rusty.. that would be great... I Love Bobotie! :)
  7. Ok then.....How spicy you like it?
  8. My wife and i love spicy food, but we hardly have it because the kids are too young for spicy! so medium spicy is fine! lol... you can give me the very spicy too... and i'll do that one day when kids are at granny's!:cool:
  9. Go to the Malay market...if you're close to Cape Malay, that would be easy. Ask for "Bird's eye" chilli ( we call it mata burung ). It really hot; don't buy many...a small hand full. Or use what they recommend as a substitute.

    Never leave the seeds in!

    Use apricots and raisins , half and half!

    Use water buffalo mince if you can get it and free range eggs.

    Then cook as usually, but ramp up the nutmeg and almonds.
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  10. Rusty...where exactly do you live? You seem to know about South Africa, Australia, and you live in SE Asia...woah!
  11. I live in Borneo.

    I must be honest: I have circled the globe seven times, lived in many countries, speak German, Malay and a bit of Mandarin. I've traveled independently to 55 countries and read constantly.

    I have friends from Israel to Samoa, Serbia to Japan.

    When younger I was a cook, so food and travel come naturally to me.
  12. WOW! Are you originally from America? What's your favorite thing to cook?
  13. I have no favourites, really. I actually have to control myself in food exploration sometimes as it all fascinates me.
  14. Hello there....and welcome....
  15. Welcome, Chilli! Glad that you found this forum! Can't wait to get to know ya!
  16. Why are people on here so shy about releasing personal details like their age or where they are from? Nothhin against you Dirty; just wondering why people seem to hide behind avatar (like me; though I've had my picture before) and don't show their age or location. I don't think someone can really find you with just that info.
  17. Well-as an IT guy-I know the NSA collects every piece of Data put on the internet and on your PC/ cell phone. Any little steps to slow them down I feel is prudent....

    They didn't spend 16 BILLION US taxpayer dollars to build a Data Center in Utah to bake cookies: on top of the other 6 (probably more) redundant collection facilities just in the USA not including the rest of the world.

    Most people are super ignorant about what is stored-or they say "it's just a conspiracy theory!" Okay-I'll be the ignorant one...;)
  18. Understandable, but what are you worried about if your not posting anything unusual or to be suspicious about?

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