Hi everyone

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  1. Hi everyone

    Hi, my name is John. I live in Bangor Maine with my wife and two kids. I run the television department at Calvary Chapel Bangor, and on the side I write Christian Fantasy novels. I also manage a review site for Christian Fiction Writers. I won't mention my books, or the name of the website, because I don't want to appear rude. It was important though, that I mention what I do, because it is why I am here. I'm hoping to find other Christian Fiction writers, and help them get the word out about their books. And I would like to connect with Christian Fiction Readers, and tell them about the free books we are giving away, and about the reviews we are doing. We get books before they are available to the public, and we tell people about them.

    We help authors and readers in several ways, but again, I don't want this to be an add. It is simply to introduce myself to you, and seek guidance on how-- or if-- I can share these resources with you fine folks.

    I'm not some big fancy business trying to make merchandise of the sheep. I'm just a servant of the Lord seeking to help Christian readers find "good" books to read.

    I'm interested in all topics relating to books and publishing-- especially when they are connected to honoring the Lord Jesus. So please let me know if I am welcome to talk about what I do, and what rules I should observe.

    Grace and Peace
  2. Welcome John,

    Hope you enjoy your stay here at CFS .

    Love bless .
  3. I was actually going to write a book. I started it, but soon stopped. But it was fun. :) I mixed parts of my life into it. Maybe I'll share the first parts of what I wrote with ya in a PM or something. :)
  4. I would like that very much. Is your book fiction?

    Grace and Peace
  5. Welcome to CFS
  6. I attempted to post into http://www.christianforumsite.com/site-showcase-19/ , but I don't think it worked. Do I need to have a certain level of privileges before I can post anywhere but here?

    I would really like to tell people about the two books we're giving away, before the window passes. We have under 10 people signed up to win one of the books. Those are pretty good odds, compared to most book giveaways. Our site is only 8 days old, so we are going to have a lot of deals going at really good odds.


  7. Hi John ,

    Yes you need to have a higher post count as right now you are only a partial member and cannot post in full member forums . Blessings , Dusty .
  8. John .... When you are able to send pms the administrator needs to approve the books first so please send a request to HisManySongs the Administrator.

    Thanks and God Bless .
  9. Thanks, everyone. :)

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