Hi everyone

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by HeisallIneed, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone

    Ive posted a few times already and just realized that I havent yet introduced myself.(how rude!!)
    Ive been looking for a good Christian forum for some time and have at last found this one which I have attached myself to. This is a secure, friendly and Christlike forum and so glad Ive found it. I have read some Godly advice and encouragement here..as well as some humour thrown in which is great.
    I hope my presence here will be a good one as I contribute in whatever way I can to continue the good work this site has provided. :)
  2. Welcome to CFS! Lots of great people on here and would love to hear more about you. :)
  3. Welcome to the forums....Lots of lovely people here to meet :cool:...Which part of Nz are you from if you don;t mind me asking???

  4. :groupray: WELCOME ABOARD :groupray:

    You will get plenty of encouragment here without any problem. The folks here are wonderful and they are always there to lend a hug, shoulder or a kind word ... so jump right in and have a good time here.

    By the way I am Lady Karen ... just call me Karen. I started a couple of weeks ago and have made some wonderful new friends / brother's & sister's since starting here !!

    Once again WELCOME !!! :groupray:
  5. Welcome !!!!

  6. Welcome to the Christian Forum Site. :israel:
  7. [​IMG]

    A very warm welcome to CFS from one Kiwi to another Kiwi, there are so many wonderful people here, who have become more like family than members.
    Warm blessings on this rainy day
  8. Um... Kiwi?...:D Just curious...
  9. Welcome to the forum HeisallIneed! We are a bunch of fun, crazy people around here!:D;)

  10. a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig welcome to the site!:p:D:):welcome::welcome:
  11. Hi ..No not a Kiwi...just live here in this country which has spectacular scenery....not so good weather..but glad to be here. Thanks for the welcome from one and all.:D
  12. Welcome to CFS...:israel:
    It is a joy to have you worship the Lord with us!!! :groupray:

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