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Hey, hey

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Bassmasa, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Hey, hey

    Hello everyone.

    I'm technically not a new member, but have been absent from the forum for well over a year. Hopefully I'll be back on a more regular basis as I've missed these discussions.

    This past year has seen some amazing things in my life--a new daugther, a new job, and unbelievable trials with my wife's severe post-partum depression. I've learned so much and most importantly, appreciate and love the Lord more than ever before. He is simply awesome and His promises are True.

    Glad to be back,
  2. I'm glad to hear " I've learned so much and most importantly, appreciate and love the Lord more than ever before" that's amazing! I'm fairly new to the board, but I still wanna say welcome back. :)
  3. It is good to see you back my brother. Congratulations on the baby and the job. I am pleased to here that your wife is also doing better- God is faithful is He not?:)
  4. Hi Bassmassa!! Welcome home!!:D Im Chili. Hey your name sounds like "Basscorn" Bass" masa...corn= Basscorn. ya bass rolled in corn masa is very good:cool: So OK I threw an extra fish n chili on the grill 4 ya


    hope your hungry for the werd of God my new friend. So very nice to meet you:cool:
    C ya later.
    Chili out.
  5. Hey welcome to the forums...Its been a while since i have posted around here as well...

  6. Wonderful news about your new daughter, and it is nice to C you. I am still pretty new here, but, wanted to say hello, and I see how you could miss this site, it is wonderful!!
    I am from Kentucky also, we are covered up in rain down here!!!
  7. Just wanting to say hey and welcome to CFS.
  8. Welcome and God bless Bassmasa!
  9. welcome aboard !!!

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