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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Isaiah615, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. my name is Isaiah615, but you can call me Isaiah or even Isa for short. i just found this place, and i'm just looking for a few friends; a sort of "reminder," if you will, that i'm not the only one out there in this Christian walk. i like to read, draw, and listen to classical music (sometimes i do all three at once; i like to multitask). i also love cartoons, and i intend on going into the animation business once i finish college.

    feel free to talk to me about anything. you'll find open ears with me.
  2. Hey there nice to meet you Isaiah. It seems like we have similar interests :). (And want to go into the same line of work). Hopefully you will meet amazing friends and grow closer to God :).
  3. thanks for the warm welcome. :D
  4. Hi Isaiah615, good to see you; I'm new here myself; been mouthing a bit on here already...
    God bless His Word to you.
  5. PS: So what sort of music do you like? Bach? traditional hymns? I like these a lot. (Are you into Christian hard rock/heavy metal, too? Skillet, Disciple, etc.)

  6. i listen to a lot of classical (thank my mom for that), but i'm into a few Christian rock bands like Skillet and Switchfoot, as well as some Christian rap like Manafest.
  7. Isaiah615: Interesting! does your mom like some Christian rock, too? or maybe she could get to like it?

  8. my big brother got her into TobyMac, so that's a start. :)
  9. Hello and welcome Isaiah :)

    Glad to have you aboard!! Considering that I play lead guitar to church worship and used to play in a band, I LOVE christian rock/hard rock and metal!!

    God bless
  10. then i guess we have something in common. this was what i was hoping for. i've always been meaning to learn how to play an instrument; i've been thinking about piano.

  11. I started off on Piano for a few grades but took more naturally to guitar...Just love it! My passion and gift that God has give me :).. Piano is great to start off with much easier than guitar trust me lol
  12. haha got it. i do have access to a keyboard now, so no time like the present, right?
  13. That's right, just get lost in it and enjoy learning :)
  14. Hello and welcome
  15. thanks. i think i'm gonna enjoy my time here.
  16. Welcome! We named our youngest son Isaiah :D

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