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  1. :smiley180: welcome aboard CFS Katie you will luv it here and your introduction was a wonderful testimony . I have a 19 year old with a slight speech problem and a very intelligent brain :smiley10:
    most people assume a speech impairment is a brain problem
    NOT SO :smiley160:
  2. Yeah, I have a major speech problem. lol. And you are right, people do think that when you sound different, you are mentally challenged. That's why I've had such bitterness towards everyone when I was a very young. The world can't just accept that people ARE different. It's called variety. God didn't create someone exactly alike because how boring would that be? I mean, let's say Im on a date. I dont want to date some guy that's exactly like me. I need some differences to keep this relationship moving. GOd created us all different so there'd be variety and not some boring life!
  3. I knew I had seen you before! I remembered your username from somewhere else, and it has been bugging me ever since you came. I happened across a certain "Beachcooky" while I was looking for something else, and that inspired me to check another place - the place I thought I remembered seeing your username before and, viola'!, I am not so senile as I thought. I'm not a stalker, really, it's just how my memory works. Anyway, now that I've scratched that nagging mental itch, allow me to extend a much belated welcome. This is a good place to be and your joining us makes it even better.
  4. Hahah, rumely, your post just made me smile!
    And no worries, I don't think you're a stalker :)

    Sadly, I don't think I remember you? Lol.
    I'm sorrry :[ :[ :[
  5. Not surprising, since I don't spend nearly as much time on those sites as I do here. I did, however, start a post welcoming you when you joined one of the other sites, but I deleted it before posting because it just sounded a bit off the wall and I was too tired to come up with something more orthodox. I was a bit surprised to realize that was already about a year ago.:)
  6. Ohh! Haha, I've been on many christian forum sites. This and another site is the only ones I'm active on, though :) :) :)
  7. Just now recovering lol!
  8. :smiley90: right on xspinningisfun
  9. Katie! OMG girl, I never knew...we have so much to talk about. You should seriously email me. I'd love to hear more about your story and share some of mine with you. God bless you beautiful sweetheart.
  10. Woah! Have I really been here for 3 years?! Time flies by!

    And of course! Let's talk! I left a lot of stuff out of that testimony! :)

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