Herbs and sinning.

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  1. Herbs and sinning.

    I've been depressed latley, and to help I've been taking: Ginkgo and St. Johns wart. The Ginkgo helps calm me down and concentrate, the St. Johns Wart helps keep me from feeling sad all of the time. These little capsules really do work. I notice on days when I forget to take them especially.

    Now, I'm taking these to change my state of mind, although they're in no way like a narcotic, I feel I may be doing something wrong. Whats your opinion.

    PS: I can not go on prescription anti-depressants because I can't afford it, I have zero benefits for phsycology or prescriptions at work. So don't suggest any of it.
  2. I'd suggest going to...oh wait a minute.:)

    Honestly? I don't think it's a sin to take those herbs, any more than it is to drink herbal tea or sprinkle parsley over your favorite dish.

    I hope you get to feeling better, DaveS. Will be praying for you.:D:groupray:
  3. I don't think it is a sin if you don't abuse it. However if you feel convicted over it and violate your conscience towards God it could be a sin to you. Pray about it.

    If your problems persist then by all means consult a physican.
  4. I agree with WW all the way~
    As with anything, you have to use it wisely.

  5. Both herbs are capable of opening up arteries and improving blood circulation. Ginkgo is reported to assist in the thinking process by opening up the circulation and allowing more oxygen to get to the brain, while St. John's Wort is supposed to assist our anti-bodies in disease control.

    The only relation to sin that I can see, is that there are used in Wiccan spells, but really, it's just generic kitchen chemistry in this case. You aren't trying to make something happen supernaturally, so I don't think it's crossing any lines on that front.
  6. Dave,

    you are probably doing better taking these herbal remedies than all the prescriptions that doctors recommend because of all the side effects.but I would say to you not to over do it or take them for a long period of time and become dependant on them.

    I will be praying for you Dave that your depression is lifted. Blessing to you.
  7. While I agree totally with you Mom sometimes depression can be caused by chemical inbalance and it is wise to see a doctor.

  8. Yes son, I know that and did not suggest it because first of all Dave says he has no coverage. Also in my opion sometimes at least the doctors I have worked with at the hospital just want to bombard people with medication just to give them something and then in the long haul they become more depressed and heavily dependant on the medications and it is hard for them to come off.

    We have a problem here in Ontario and Dave comes from not far from where I live. There are few doctors ( ALL going to the U.S. .... more money ) and the ones here are over worked.and many people can't find a family doctor.

    And yes if it persists Dave.... as Bro Larry says .... you would be wise to see a doctor.
  9. God created the herbs. They were the medicine of the past before we started isolating and reproducing the active ingredients. So how are they sinful?
    As for St Johns it works on your emotions by influencing the level of Serotonin. This is in many ways the same as lots of prescription anti depressants (called SSRI's) such as Prozac.
    Now there are just two real potential problems.
    1. If your Serotonin levels are ok and your depression is due to a problem with one of the other neuro transmitter chemicals then St John's could make it worse. However if you have noticed an improvement then it strongly suggests thet you are ok on them.
    2. St Johns will make you much more likely to get burnt in the sun so take care.
    Hope this is some help.
  10. Yeah, I know I may be able to do that. I'm nearly 100% certain I suffer from SAD. I was happy all summer, and it wasn't until the end of October before I felt down.

    I'm going to continue to take these herbs (they have worked) and I want to try light therapy after Christmas when I can afford the light. If that doesn't work, I will indeed see a doctor.
  11. i don,t see that written in the commands of God,maybe it,s a worldly sin?
  12. That sounds like a good plan , Dave. At least you have your head right on your shoulders. And maybe because this year winter started so early and came in like a roaring lion. and it is not even officially winter on the calendar.
  13. Before you can be diagnosed with Social anxiety Disorder they will have to run extensive blood work to check you thyroid and other glands for malfunction. You should have some type of local health clinic that could test you for little or nothing.

  14. That shouldn't be a problem, Larry because we are covered here by OHIP.... which Dave should have through his work.Every one here has a health card so he would not have to pay for the tests but he would have to pay for the meds after if perscribed.
  15. Im getting my dad one of these lights for Christmas,
    It's like a switch in his mind as winter draws in.

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