Help with protein rich recipes on a low budget

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  1. Hi guys!
    I have been placed on a diet that has to be free from processed foods and meat. Only problem is I'm working with a very low budget.I also work out three times a week. Ive cut it down to two because I'm scared of exercising and losing muscle mass as I haven't been eating a lot of protein. I am not sure what to substitute the meat with.Any ideas?
  2. Don't get me wrong, but it sounds like you're putting yourself into a prison. God says to eat meat, so don't listen to the naysayers about it. Just eat it scripturally. :D
  3. lol
    I don't like meat except chicken. I dislike every other type of meat. So the diet is pretty easy for me lol
    I used to eat only chicken and if i'm forced i may try a small piece of beef. So im pretty much trying to find a substitute for the chicken :LOL:

    If I cant find a sub then ill eat it maybe three times per week. That should be okay.
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    The cheapest source of non meat protein is legumes...such as beans or lentils mixed with a whole grain such as rice. The only issue you might have with that, would be if you are on a low carb diet and it will take you some time to adjust to the high level of fiber. The second less expensive option is a high quality whey protein powder. It is super easy to take in extra protein this way and it can work out to be considerably less on a gram per gram basis than meat, if you shop smart.

    How many grams of protein are you taking in per day? You may be getting enough to maintain your muscle mass.
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  5. I'm not sure how much protein I'm eating per day but it isn't much. I've been eating a lot of bok choy which I don't think has much protein. I should get some of that whey protein powder,it sounds easier lol
  6. Lol bok choy has almost no protein at all. Almost all veggies have zero to near zero protein in them.

    Message me if you want to know which brand of protein powder is good and what is a good price to pay.
  7. Eggs are good. Buy free range though.
    Fish is also a source of protein, can be expensive, or free depending if you go fishing!
    Soybeans also, like tofu is a source of protein.
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  8. I have to monitor my protein intake daily. My goal is to take in about 70-80 g of protein daily, but it is going to probably go up to about 120-130 g down the road. Even with the following suggestions, it can be difficult to get in all the protein one needs, especially if one is avoiding meat. With meat daily, I have a tendency to only ingest about 40-50 g protein daily and have to watch it that I don't lose too much muscle mass.

    Good alternate sources to meat are quinoa, ground hemp seed added to one's food is a great source of protein, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, cheese, Greek yogurt and other lower fat dairy products.. I also purchase a good brand of flavourless whey protein to add to my smoothies, greek yogurt or my morning serving of orange juice. Some people buy a flavoured whey protein powder to make an easy higher protein beverage.
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  9. Thanks @Euphemia !
    I tried whey protein (chocolate flavor). It was pretty delicious!:)
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