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  1. Hello

    I'm a Christian. I love God. I found this forum through my internet search engine. It looks like a place I might want to explore, so here I am.

    I have been saved for many years, and I am still learning new things every day. I don't understand God's unconditional love, but it keeps me going.

    Well, I know that isn't much for now, but maybe as I get more comfortable here I will share more.

    I hope to have a wonderful time here and meet a bunch of new wonderful Christian folks.

    Thanks for having me. :D
  2. Welcome InHisLove! I'm glad you found us and I hope to get to know you more.

  3. Welcome InHisLove!
    I'm glad you are here!
    "For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him" (Psalm103:11)
  4. Welcome,
    I'm sure we'll be teaching and learning from each other a lot here.
    Looking forward to getting to know you
  5. Thanks everyone! So far I am really enjoying this forum.

    :smile_anim: :smile_anim: :smile_anim: :smile_anim: :smile_anim: :smile_anim: :smile_anim: :smile_anim:
  6. I can't believe I didn't post here!
    Well, in my mind, I did, does that count?

    I'm so happy you're here!
  7. Hi,
    I love your location caption ' On my way to heaven' Fabulous.
    Good to have you on board.
    God bless you,
  8. Hey, they say it's the thought that counts, so I guess it does count. Thanks. :p
  9. Thanks Ray! I am truly on my way to heaven. :D
  10. Hello InHisLove! Nice to meet you. Beautiful name you have. :welcome:
  11. Thanks Sky. :heart:

  12. Pleasure In His Love! Are you coping so far? It's just a little hard to keep track of everything I said. Don't want to be rude and don't reply if someone posted something for me! :eek:
  13. No problem Sky. I understand completely about keeping track and all. I am doing pretty good, thank you for asking.
  14. hello

    warm greetings in Christ from united states. God bless.

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