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  1. Hello. I have just joined this site and I look foward to exchanging views with and learning from others here.

    I have been exploring faith since my mid 20's (I am 51 now) but was only confirmed on 21st of May this year and took my first communion 2 days ago.

    I looked at other forums before joining here and decided this was the one for me because I admire the respectful tone of the discussions - sadly not the case on some others.

    That's enough about me for now. I look forward to getting to know you all.

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  2. Welcome Sharon! Feel free to join in on the conversations and make yourself at home [emoji3].
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  4. Welcome Sharon, grace and peace be yours in abundance!
  5. Welcome to CFS! My fellow colleague is rather jolly off the spot with the links today. ;)
    I'm sure you'll settle in quickly, however should you have any questions, please PM any staff member who would be happy to help.
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  6. Welcome :)
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  7. Hi Sharon - Welcome to CFS! I look forward to getting to know you . . .
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  8. Hi Sharon.. Welcome to CFS.. So you have been spying on us huh!! ;);) Just kidding.. Nothing better than having you here! (y)
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  9. Ha ha at Ravindran calling me a spy. I just didn't want to be part of anything disrespectful - either to other people or to God.

    Thank you to everyone for your warm welcome.

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  10. Welcome to CFS, SHB! You made a good choice!

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  11. Welcome Sharon,
    I am very thankful that you chose CFS for your forum family and I may add that you made the best choice. I walked out of 5 other forums and stayed with this one as my home. The members here are lovong and awesome and the staff is very well organised and will help you in any situation you find your self in and they do work very hard at keeping this a very safe and freindly place to be.

    So kick off your shoes and make your self at home and begin to make your self known in these here parts. lol
    God Bless
    Jim waving-hi-text-smiley-emoticon.gif
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  12. Thank you so much Jim. I am enjoying reading here.
    God bless you too
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  13. Welcome to the forums, Sharon... God
    bless your time here!
  14. Hi dear! I'm also a newbie, it's awesome here!they gave me a warm welcome, so i think it's my time to gladly return the favor!Welcome and enjoy!!!


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