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  1. Hello

    Hey folks,

    I am an ordained minister (evanglelists), and the bass player for Second Chance Music Ministry. secondchancemm.org.
    My home church duties: 1) Elder 2) Music ministry

    Second chance is a ministry to bikers. Some traditional folks may have some issues with our methods, our music and perhaps even our looks. But God has called us to this ministry and confirmed that many times with salvations upon salvations within the biker community.

    I hope to post something of value here and find true Christian fellowship.

  2. Welcome Eldermike:welcome:, I do believe that you will find true Christian fellowship.
  3. Welcome to CFS, Mike. I have been a soloist in churches for 4 decades.
  4. welcome.

    what kind of music do you play in the church?

    I've never heard anything about 'secondchancemm'. can you tell me something about it?
  5. You can find out about us on secondchancemm.org

    In church I we do contemporary worship with a full band.
    Second Chance is not connected to a home church, each memeber is required to be a member of a local church.

    Second Chance is a group of musician/ singer/speakers. Most came out of the biker/gang world, not to be confused with the motorcyclists world. We play events that draw these bikers. We will be at Sturgis SD for 4 days next month.
  6. Welcome, Mike!
    Nice website!
  7. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
  8. Sorry, I am late. Welcome Eldermike. :D
  9. Nice to meet you!!

    What kind of bike do you ride?

    I ride a Honda CBR 600 F4i (sport bike)
    My father in law rides a Harley Electro Glide. (Touring Bike/Cruiser) He's very active in CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association).

    I think bikers are a very close group of people and motorcycles could be an awesome witnessing tool to reach out to people who already have the camaraderie with each other.
  10. I ride a 2007 Harley street glide. I traded my 2003 electra glide classic for the street glide. My wife rides a Honda Shadow. So we are a Harley/Honda family. I am a life long biker and a member of Bikers for Christ. My band second chance is active in biker ministry and we work with both BFC and CMA.

    Ride for Jesus brother.

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