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  1. Hi there everyone, my name is Josh. I look forward to speading a lot of time here and getting to know everyone.
    I hope to meet some interesting people here and contribute to some discussions.
  2. Hey, Josh! Welcome to the forums!
  3. Howdy Josh, welcome
  4. Josh!!! Oh you have finally arrived! Been waitin for ya. I'm glad you arrived safely. You see that pretty gal xspinningisfun? she's my sister :) and that guy riding a Bear? he's my brother ,always showing off LOL Ride em Bear boy, and Abdicate , he's my poppy hehehe. Ya we are family owned and operated. Thank you Jesus!
    Welcome to CFS my brother from another mother :) God Bless you abundantly !!
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  5. Haha what a welcome, thank you much apprechiated. I'm already enjoying my time here.
  6. Welcome Fish_of_Faith :barefoot:,

    Chili stole my punch :speechless: .

    God bless you :)!

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