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  1. I guess this is my way of saying hello to the community.

    I'm currently 19 years old. I'm in my 3rd semester of college in a four semester program, studying the field of IT - Networking.
    On the side I love playing music more than anything. I am a semi pro trumpet player- I'm involved in drum corps currently, I marched this last season with the Kilties, and have auditions for the Madison Scouts and Phantom Regiment coming up in the next month. I also play guitar, piano, flute, and a few other things on the side.

    I enjoy being with friends and family, watching movies, working out, and just in general trying new things.

    That and Pinkie Pie is best pony.
  2. lol hey mate! Welcome to the boards!
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum
  4. Hi and welcome.

    Curious though: have you drummed (or whatever) The Gael? Or is it La folia? Cause it's certainly not the last of the mohicans.

    As for guitaring it, I have never ever seen a more astounding performance than that of AcousticLabs (search youtube). Brilliant!
  5. AcousticLabs. Yes. Great taste :] I am subscribed to them. Another channel for great guitar work is called, 'rpoland'. They are linked with CandyRat records.
  6. Is it them, not him? And thanks for the tip. I'll look rpoland up. How about Friday Night in Frisco?
  7. Welcome. :)

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