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  1. Hello

    Helo, Ive pretty much come to felowship with other chirstians, Get advice on things in my life, and maybe help others through the things that have happened.

    ~Hope i can get to know you all~

  2. [​IMG]Welcome, Soccerman! This is, indeed, a great place for fellowship and learning! Glad you are here!
  3. Ya i was reading through all the posts last night, Seeing as i couldnt post or anything and i felt the yerning to post and get to know you all. Seems like an awsome place to be, And it seems also that God has his hand in this place.
  4. Yes, I believe He does, too! There are lots of good people here, and lots of compassion and understanding of foibles.
    So, tell us a bit about yourself. You mentioned in your prayer request your youth group. Are you a youth pastor?
  5. No im not, Im 15 and a half years old.

    He Have a very split youth group with alot of clicks. My hope (along with 4 others) is to end these clicks and come together as a whole and to be One not 5.

    Pretty much my spiritaul life is very complicated right now. Im hitting that time were everything is pushing in between What God wants from me, The whole calvinist and other thing (forgot the name) contiversy. And ontop of that im trying to lead a group with alot of the group that has no desire to draw closer to God because of them falling To the world.
  6. Oh wow! 15! Sorry, I guess I should have read your profile.
    J.T., it looks like the Lord has put a burden on your heart for your peers. Your heart breaking for your friends and the strife that is between them is also breaking His. Keep seeking Him and His word.
  7. Thanks for the advise :)
  8. i hope you have a pleasant walk through this world to the other side.:D:rolleyes::D
  9. I hope its not a pleasant walk.......

    If its a "pleasant walk" Then i know that im not doing something right. With proclaiming my God there will always be problems and persicution. The road of serving God is hard and painful, But always he is there to walk with me.

    But thanks :p (i dont mean to totally slam your comment.....)
  10. i still hope it is pleasant,keep your road straight and don,t have many distractions.we can have some pleasures through our walk.
  11. God forever will be our pleasure :)
  12. Hi SM! Welcome to CFS!
    I was in a church that went through a split. I caused me great pain and some tears but in the end there were two works standing proclaiming the Kingdom of God. Some churches I have seen multiply that way (some have split several times) Still it is a heard thing to go through. I guess my point is no matter what we see happening we can trust God to bring goo out of every situation.
    Many blessings in His Name, your brother Larry.
  13. Welcome to the Site, JT.
  14. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Looking forward to your input. And yes this is a very good site.
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