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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by ping, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Hello

    Hello everybody I'm ping.
    I'm really glad I found a friendly place where I won't be ridiculed for being Christian. :)
  2. Welcome to the forum site, Ping. Actually, many Christian Web sites allow non-Christians to post. I recently left one I hadn't been in for very long when I realized that most of the replies I got were from non-Christians who just wanted to criticize my beliefs.
  3. :welcome:
  4. In this place? If ridicule you? We ridicule ourselves...because we're all following the same Christ.:D


    (Plus if we ridicule you, then you get to give Boanerges an old-fashioned Indian rope-burn, mmmkay?:))
  5. Howdy, Ping! Nice to meet you! (I'm Amelia) ;)
  6. How very generous of you Duran!
  7. Welcome Ping! :welcome: Come right in and make yourself at home.
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome everybody. :)
  9. Hey:israel:

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