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  1. Hello to all here at Christian Forum.

    I am new. Although I'm sure you have already gathered as much.

    I don't know what to say really. I have spent the last couple years exploring Christianity, getting my questions on Christianity answered, praying (often fervently) about it and decided a a few weeks ago to become a Christian.

    But then I got scared, worried about going to hell and all if I was wrong, and in general freaked out a little and did a bit of vacillating on the topic and then yesterday, God finally showed me where everything went together. All problems solved. No more questions no more fears.

    So today, is my first full day as a Christian.

    Just hoping to grow a little and have a place where I can ask questions.

    I hope this is okay with everyone here!
  2. Thank you for your welcome!
  3. Hi Chris1! Welcome to CFS sister :D Feel free to roam about and get to know some of us.
    May God Bless you abundantly :)
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  4. Chris1,

    Welcome to CFS. But more important yet, welcome to the life in Christ.

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