Hello! Let me introduce myself =)

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Sgt. Schultz, May 29, 2008.

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  1. Hello! Let me introduce myself =)

    My name is Tristan, I am 15 years old, and I got saved by the lord four years ago. (I do not really remember the date.) I have been a Comedian for short time and I've been doing art, HTMLing, practicing guitar,fishing and all sort of stuff.
    I do ministry online to people in different languages (Aka German, Spanish,Hebrew.etc) and plan on doing mission trips in the future. . I live in USA.
    I'm a big fan of Hogans Heroes (Which explains my name) and my grandpa was in ww2. So anyway, thats me. :cool:

    (Its optional if you wanna read that lol):D
  2. Welcome to this forum, Tristan! Wow, you sound like an interesting guy! Being homeschooled have something to do with it? It sounds like you like languages a lot. Did you learn German in homeschool? I just got back from visiting Germany last week. An awesome country.

    I hope you learn more on this forum about your Heavenly Father and can share with us also. Welcome! Bonnie
  3. Welcome Tristan
  4. Thank you for the welcome! I really would like to chat with ya some time.

    And SweetSurrender,
    I learned German on the web really, I had friends online who could barely speak English, so I learned German so i could understand them better. Then i decided to learn other languages, so thats my story there, Haha..Oh and I would love to go to Germany, Id love to see a picture sometime of there. :D
  5. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the Forum! We are so glad to have you here! That is awesome that you have taught yourself so many diverse languages.
    I used to watch Hogan's Heroes, too. Did you ever see the movie that inspired the series? It was called "Stalag 13" or maybe it was 15. Dont remember right now.
    When I was a child, I lived in Germany for about 3 yrs. I remember it was beautiful, especially the castles!

    Hey, Shulzie! Colonel Klink is looking for you!:D
  6. Welcome to the Site, Tristan. I got a kick out of Sgt. Schultz. I often use his favorite phrase, "I know nothing." :D
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