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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by techie, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Hello Hello Hello

    :israel::israel:Yeah...I got the doorkey...:israel::israel::p

    You may notice my sense of humour...on occasion....thats something to do with the IV caffiene I walk around with:D

    I am incognito...I recognise many people here:eek::cool:

    I have been saved since I was 17 (decades ago)and was baptised under a year later. I fell away from Gods grace for many years. However with the intelligance of hindsight and will all that has happened, regardless of how bad...you can see he was still there...just waiting for me to come home.:groupray:

    That was 2002...I wish I could say it has all been roses and happy endings...but this is real life. this time though instead of hating him and doubting him through the tough times(that are there if you are christian or not) I stayed with him.

    A deeper story than that is to much info for now...

    but I have some neat smiles if any one wants any:p

    Ok the bio bit...

    I am a Mum I have had 6 children not including my step daughters. I only have two children at home now and they are both disabled.

    I am a few legal letters away from being divorced. I beleive the euphamism is domestic violance. Oh I cannot spell without spell check:cool: and I am doing a double first BSc in computer and social sciences.

    Regarding the Divorce ...Just because I am going to get divorced and will be single...does not mean I have any interest in being 'cyber chatted up'. Being single has bought me closer to God in a way I never even thought possible...and no offence lads...but unless God put a future husband down in front of me and said here....I would not trade the closeness I have with God for any man on this earth. In plain speaking...I will be single, not avalible.:fish:

    Now to put this in my profile:)
  2. Hi Techie,

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will be blessed here. Good on you for getting into the study! You don't have to worry about being chatted up - this really isn't that kind of forum.


  3. Thank you all for a great welcome:groupray::groupray::groupray:

    I love the study link...thank you.:groupray:
  4. hi techie ,

    Welcome to the forum .. My dear ... I can relate to your experience and yes it brought me closer to God . And if that is the purpose of it all then .... it is worth it .
    God does have a plan and purpose for you and down the line you will understand why just as I am understanding now .

    God richly bless . I will be praying for you .:groupray:
  5. Welcome to the Christian Forum Site. I know how you feel. After two failed marriages, I've decided I like being single a lot better.
  6. welcome dear sister in Christ, God bless you, love you :)

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