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  1. Hello all. My name is Davy.
    I am a Believer 23 years. I had two beautiful years at the start. And slowly died and ended up wondering whats wrong Church was totally garbage IMO, All I got there was history lessons. I knew my bible as well as anyone else in there possibly better. I ran the bible class, youth fellowship, sunday school relife teacher. Manager.decon some call it. Youth commitee member. games and outing organiser, church cleaning,grass cutting etc etc.
    I got to a point at 21 years service that I just hated being there among the, well lets call a spade a spade the dead as far as I could see. The church was dying and the people in it were to. But then I heard a guy preaching, and instantly I knew this guy was real and the word he preached was the word of God. No question in my mind. It took me back to the first two beautiful years I mentioned. Like hearing a song that take you back to a place and time. This message has radically changed my life and my outlook on life. I am now going to be up front and tell you. I got banned from the last four Christian sites that I joined. No point trying to say they banned me for nothing. Time will tell in here as it did in them. I did learn lessons since being banned for sure. But its the same thing over and over even on the street where I live. Not one person from my church after 21 years service came to see me. I got on fime with everyone or thats what it seemed like to me. But not one came to visit or see whats up. So even that would give an indication as to where they are as Christians. I believe they and and most of the Churches are quite similar. Certianly in my area.
    None of the local ministers I spoke to wanted to hear this message. Now none of them speak to me either. They look the other way and try and avoid me. SO what is so offencive about this message I now preach. Nothing that I can see. But I so struggled to understand why they all ran away. Well most of the ministers who have all been to university cant stand with me in biblical discussions. They dont have answers when I contradict what they say with scripture. SO it must be difficult for them. I understand that.
    Any way I will start a thread on what I believe today that I was never taught in all my 21 years in church.
    I know peoeple will turn on me here to. But like I always say back it up with scripture in context and we will be ok.
  2. Hiya Davy! I'm new too. Good to meet you. :cool:
  3. nice to meet you , Davy :)
  4. Hello and thank you both for reading.
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  5. Welcome Davy!! :)
  6. Welcome, Davy... God bless your time here!
  7. I am blessed where ever I go in Him and so are you thank you.
  8. Thank you. And bless ya. You are so worth the blood.
  9. Hello Davy and welcome to CFS...
  10. Hello! Im new as well :)

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