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  1. My name is Elena and I am from Slovakia, but I have lived in Norway for past 5 years. I have accepted Jesus 1 year ago and my life has changed a lot! :) I would like to meet more followers of Jesus Christ and grow in the faith.
    God bless you:)
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  2. Welcome to these forums. It's wonderful to have you here.
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  3. Welcome Elena! Glad to hear that your life has changed :) Expect more :D
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  4. Welcome from Czech Republic!
    Teď si tu můžeme psát československy! :D
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  5. ahoj Robine :) super ze aj cesi su tu:)
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  6. It is nice you could be here. Welcome!
  8. Hello from Scotland Elena and welcome. I'm just across the North Sea from you here in Scotland so looking forward to some fellowship.....
  10. Glad to meet you Elena. I will start off by saying God has a wonderful plan for the whole world of mankind.
    God loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten son to save mankind from the sin and death from Adam's
    sin in the garden of Eden. Jesus died a ransom for Adam and the whole world of mankind, so that in God's kingdom
    mankind will have everlasting life in a paradise restored. This is God's plan in a nutshell. But there is a lot more in the
    Bible to consider also. Here are some scriptures that will confirm what I have said.
    John 3:16
    Isaiah 35:1-10
    1Tim. 2:6
    We can continue studying the Bible, if you have any questions, let me know.
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  11. :) I, too, have accepted Jesus Christ into my life. Not as long ago as a year, though.
  12. Studying God's plan is very rewarding, and if you want to study the Bible with me
    let me know. Thank you, Bonnie Interisano
  13. I dunno, I usually like to do things of God by myself, and I am already in a Bible study schedule. But thank you for asking :)
  14. Welcome to both this family and the Christian family! It's great to have you here! Many blessings to you and yours for the coming year and always!
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  15. Since im seeing a lot of foreign writings pls permit me to welcome you in pidgin english... "OYOYO" pronounced O-YOW-YOW...:cool:
  16. Welcome Elena from Slovakia and Norway, now a citizen of Christ's kingdom. I'm of that latter citizenship too, while I temporarily live in Quebec, Canada. God bless your growth.
  17. Nice to meet you, Cturtle,
    God's word is God's plan for everyone, whether living or dead. Jesus died for everyone. Everyone will have a chance to learn
    God's plan for the whole world of mankind. Jesus and His bride will raise the dead and will also be given a chance to accept
    Christ and obey the laws and have everlasting life if they choose to. It will be like the Garden of Eden. What a wonderful plan!
    If you have any questions or like to study the Bible with me, please let me know. Thank you, The Lord bless you.
  18. Hi! Welcome! Excited to see your posts and hear more about you!

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