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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Jesse5029, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Hello from Jesse

    Hey hows it going everyone:). I had just accepted Jesus Christ in December 2007 and will most likely get baptised soon. I am 17 and live in Ohio. Recently I joined a School club FCA that we worship the Lord 45 mins before school starts,it is right in the school and helped me get my mind in the right postion early in the morning. I try everyday to teach people the Gospel either by words or most times actions. But seems like no one wants to listen friends or family members:(. But it is truly a blessing that I was saved when my family just believe and do not obey the commandments makeing them unsaved :( i try to tell them theres more to belief but they constantly say i am werid and wanting attenion or even going through a phase. But friends respect me more for my politeness and loyalty and I love to read the word about everyday. Thank You for taking your time to read the story of my life :israel:
  2. Jesse, welcome to our forum. I find it admirable that you continue to believe and worship God in spite of what friends or family say. All that matters is what Heavenly Father says and He is watching your faithfullness. Carry on and may you enjoy the peace that passes all understanding. Bonnie

  3. God bless you and welcome to the family. (the family of God, not the family of this site. I'm new too. And can't rightly consider it that yet. )

    My advise to you young man is this. Try to remember that you are planting seeds. You may not see the fruit of your work. It is only though God that anyone comes to Him.

    Just keep on doing what you're doing. And do not be discouraged. My admonishment to you is in Gal.6:9.

    God bless you.
    Your Sister in Christ,
    Laurenda aka Wisdom Seeker
  4. Thank You all so much and yes planting seeds is all i can do intill the Lord saves them by grace, just hard knowing they are so close to becoming the body of Christ if only they would not be hard hearted. But ya I will try to plant all the seeds I can and if they fall on good ground Glory to God if not sorry for them its there choice sadly even if they make the wrong one to never listen to the Almighty Heavenly Father. God Bless you all :)
  5. Just remember it's not you that has the power to save. It's God. And only God.

    It very often is the good testimony of a godly Christian that is what will make all the difference. So, be who God wants you to be. (use the Bible as your guide to what that means) Show the love of Christ through your every word and deed, pray and read your Bible.

    God bless you and again, welcome.
  6. Hi Jesse and welcome to CFS!!!!! Do not be discouraged as I have seen people take many years to come to Christ. we speak the truth in love and then at His leading and trust Him for the results.
  7. Hello and welcome
  8. Thank You everyone for the warm welcome :)
  9. Welcome to the Site, Jesse.
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