Hello from Gulf Shores, Alabama

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by acral, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hello from Gulf Shores, Alabama

    I go by the nomiker Acral.

    Pastor Gary introduced me to this site. While you can find most of my background in my profile, I did want to mention a few things.

    I am a certified storm spotter, and have been following weather systems etc., since 1988 - Almost 20 years. Having known Gary now for a couple of years, his insights and intellectual contributions have been invaluable to our efforts on advising people of potential weather threats and safety along the Gulf Coast.

    Faith. My associates would be very quick to point out that, in my profession, I appear to be a rare breed: An engineer that is a Christian. Having said that, in terms of melding Christianity with science, some may find my views a bit different, but keep an open mind as I firmly believe that there is much that God has not revealed to us.

    I believe many will find some of my insights on current events interesting and many of our faith will agree.

    I look forward to conversing with one and all here, God Bless.
  2. Welcome arcal- it nice to have you here !
  3. Acral, welcome to the forums. It's good to have a Christian engineer on board. Looking forward to seeing you more often. :) Btw, Pastor Gary contributes to our weather section. :D
  4. Exactly

    That was why he asked me to join :)
  5. Welcome, Acral... thank you for accepting my invitation to join us here at CFS.

    With the official start of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season less than 60 days away, your participation here will be welcomed in both preparedness procedures and in updating information concerning active Tropical Storms. It looks at this point as if the upcoming season may be somewhat active in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic.

    Nice to see you here ! :)
  6. Good to be here. The dynamics are shaping up to be somewhat similar to 2004, however, the frontal activity lingering this late into the spring along the East and SouthEast, could buy us more time before the Carribean storms start "spinning up". With the African systems and Atlantic Basin still somewhat off, we can expect a few of these: :fish: , then they should start trekking westward.

    It's good to be here and I look forward to participating.

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