Hello from Arkansas

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by singlebelle, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Hello from Arkansas

    My name is Stacy, and I'm from a small town in Arkansas. I spent the past 4 years working with developmentally challenged adults, but I've recently resigned in order to go back to school.

    I've been out of church for awhile, so I am a little hesitant about posting here. Therefore, i will likely just browse and observe for a bit.

  2. I worked with DD adults for two years as a Program Coordinator before becoming burned out on the behavior management part of my role. Welcome to the forums. When you're ready, feel free to jump into the conversations; we're a pretty welcoming bunch.
  3. Welcome to CFS, Stacy. Please feel free to read and to participate as you wish. The more you post at CFS, the more features and options open up for you automatically from the forum software. Very nice to have you with us.
  4. Sadly that field does have a high turnover rate. But I had great clients. I miss them :)

    Anyway, thanks for the welcome guys. This does seem like a very welcoming site. I will continue to look around.
  5. Hello and welcome to the forums...Lots of great people here, also a nice place to hang out and relax..

    God BLess
  6. :welcome:
  7. Hey! I am actually going to school to work with disabled children. I'll be teaching them, of course. And I'll be doing ministry!
    That's awesome. It takes special people to work with developmentally challenged adults/children! It truly does!!!!

    I hope you find a good church! Church is important. But I also took a break from church for a year because I was afraid. Loooong story.

    Anyways, glad to have you here :D :D

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