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  1. Hello everyone, just signed up to converse with other believers. I have done my best through the years to get out of reliegion. That means I don't hold any election, Foreknowledge, Serpent seed, Oneness, Modalist doctrines of men created long ago. I support the Original and true Trinity Doctrine, not the modern fakes.

    Faith, real faith does not believe God can, but believes God will. Faith starts at knowing the Will of God concerning something. This is how I try to live my life.

    Not sure how much time I'll have to post here, Hope to get in a few discussions at least.

    The Lord be with you.
  2. Hi and welcome. What do you consider modern fakes?
  3. Modern fakes? I am what you call a Trinity Purist. (Minus the part in the doctrine about having to be part of the Cathloic Church)

    A fake would be something that is not the original, or protrays an intent that is not in the Original. There are modern doctrines that adhere to the real Trinity concept but with modern wording that does not add or dimish from the original.

    Most doctrines are loosly based on the Anthesian Creed that came 100's of years latter, and I do mean loosly based. The creed was presented by some guy to the pope and the pope said ok, but was only accepted in the Western civilization, rejected by everyone else.

    Not sure what you mean about modern fakes, if something of anything is not the original and changed in some way then reproduced, then it's considered a fake, and not original.
  4. You state modern fakes here. You brought it up in your first post

  5. I am sorry Lance, I just assumed everyone understood the many different versions of what men labeled the Trinity Doctrine. I was just making a statement that I stand by the true and original Trinity doctrine. In fact, though it did come from Rome, it has set the pace for all denominations even today to make some sort of Statement of Faith.

    Through the years, men have tried to copy from it and add their own desires and belief's into it, then call it some Trinity Doctrine. I really did not want to get hung up on a Cathloic Doctrine though, I was just letting everyone know what I believed and what they might expect from me.

    Thank you for taking interest Lance.
  6. Not a problem. I like to ask questions for those that might not understand where you were coming from

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